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Want To Win Big Rewards? Check Out These Gambling Tips and Strategies

If there is one thing that you cannot guarantee while gambling is whether you are going to win the round or not. You need to follow a few very important tips and strategies in order to ensure that your chances of winning are much higher than others. So, what are these tips? Take a look at them in this blog and visit https://jasagol.cc to check out some poker slot.

  • Money management –

always follow a strict money management strategy before you sit down to play poker. You cannot bet all your earnings on a single gambling round. You need to decide and adjust the amount of money you will put up as stake while playing. This mitigates the risk drastically and helps you get more satisfactory results.

  • Smaller jackpots –

big jackpot slots surely offer amazing rewards, but the risk of gambling your money on them is also on the higher side. That is why, you should look for smaller jackpots, especially if you are just into the gambling business. This will help you increase your chances of winning.

  • Smaller bets –

you must have already heard someone saying “Go big or Go Home”. It’s a terrible advice to follow. It is always a better idea to invest on smaller bets and winning the jackpots, which will result in more revenue. This over time is going to fill up your bank and help you to create wealth. Surely you can take a risk once a while but not everytime and that too recklessly.

Follow these 3 essential tips and strategies and help yourself to win more gambling rounds. Be patient and make sure you have your full focus on your game only and nowhere else. It will lead you to better victories and rewards.

Casino Gambling for the Winner

Let’s start by explaining how the game of Roulette is played at the casinos in Las Vegas, Biloxi, 먹튀사이트, Atlantic City, and all the other casino’s around the country.

The game is played with a ball being dropped onto a rotating wheel. The wheel has 38 numbered and colored slots that the ball could fall in. There are 18 red numbers, 18 back numbers, and 2 green numbers. On the betting table, there are a number of betting options to choose from. You may bet on the number, a group of numbers, a row or column of numbers, odd or even, red or black. Naturally, the payout odds are slightly in the casino’s favor because of the 2 green numbers on the wheel. For example, numbers 1-36 are either red or black, while 0 and 00 are green. Red and black are what we want to focus on at this time

On the outer portion of the betting area, there is an area that is black and another that is red. If you were to bet on one of those two areas your payout would be 1 to 1. In other words, if you bet $1.00 on red and the ball falls in a red number you win $1.00, and as in all bets made you also get your original bet back. Where the casino has the advantage is the 2 green numbers slightly reduces your chances of winning. Remember as explained earlier of 38 numbers only 18 are red.

Now it stands to reason that a red number will eventually come up. So, bet on red. The secret formula is to continue to bet 1 unit over what you may have lost until red comes up. For example, if you bet $20.00 on red and win you’re up to $20.00. Cash-out and leave. If you lose 3 times in a row, you’re down $60.00. The next bet should be $80.00. Win cash out and leave. Now the casino’s hate you doing this.

Don’t get greedy. There are over 114 casinos in Las Vegas with about 6 roulette games each. If you bet $50.00 and leave after you are up to $50.00, and do this at 4 casinos a day, you will earn $200/day. With weekends off you will make about $52,000/year. You will not have to visit the same casino for 6 weeks. Flying under the radar is key.


Bet one amount on one color until you are up that amount and leave. I promise you Red will come up. The test: Go watch a roulette table and see what would have happened if you were using this system. Be sure to have enough cash to continue should the opposite color come up 3 or 4 times in a row. But red will come up.

4 Amazing Online Casino Tips And Tricks

Online casino is becoming popular every year and thousands of people are enjoying it over online websites. Poker is now much more fun over its digital medium and it delivers almost the same satisfaction and safety to its users. If you like playing online casino at many websites in order to bring home a big win, then take a look at these 4 amazing tips and tricks

  • Trusted website –

Never put your money on a website that is not verified or is hard to trust on. Read reviews, visit casino forums and always put your trust on the most popular names in the market for a safe bet. There are many websites which can dupe your entire money and turn out as a fraud.

  • Play for free first –

We always recommend our readers to play for free first. Many casino websites allow their members to use game currency to play for free and understand the nuances of the casino slot. This gives you a quick overview and understanding about the online slot you are going to play. It mitigates the chances/risk of losing.

  • Never run behind losses –

If you gamble, then you must understand that losing money is a part of this sport. Many a days you are going to lose significant games, during such times it is better to stand back and start over. Don’t put in bigger bets to gain back all that you lost in a single session.

  • Always check for bonuses –

You need to check for bonuses at all times. Online casino games offer quick bonus to many customers and you should make the most of free items you get.

So, here are the 4 amazing tips and tricks that you have to keep in mind while playing casino.

How to Prepare for Live Poker Events

It’s possible that you have been playing online poker on popular poker websites like Pkv Games Online for many years, possibly even considering yourself an expert on the subject. You may even have the intricacies of the game down. The thought of playing a live game both excites and terrifies you. This is big time and there will be people watching the stupid dance that you once did in the privacy of your own home in front of your computer. Live events are a big deal and it scares you to think of all those people watching. At a live event, you can’t make the same faces you did when going in for the kill and you most certainly can’t be fidgeting the whole time, breaks in the big-time games are slim to none. Sitting amongst pros, veterans, and TV cameras scares you just a little. Being scared is a natural response but you need to prepare in advance to stay in the game.

Poker is not exactly a full-contact or exerting sport but it can however be taxing on a person’s concentration and energy level. All of your old ailments come back to bite you when you have to sit for that long of a period. Getting a good doctor to inform you of stress-relieving techniques can help your body relax during these long stints. Learning proper stretching techniques that require little movement is key for staying in the game physically and mentally.

Poker players can smell fear so even though you are in aw don’t let on. You wouldn’t be in the tournament if you weren’t any good so keep this in mind. Mental regulation keeps you on the offensive, not the defensive as soon as you cross the line over to a defensive player the pros will have you by the throat. Visualize yourself winning the tournament and never forget it when playing and you will be much better prepared to deal with the big league games.

Casino Tips – Casino Gambling Strategy Tips

Playing casino is really an attractive opportunity for a lot of people to make money. However, gambling in the casino comes with its own risks. You need to develop a good strategy in order to win a casino game. Check out these amazing gambling tips that can help you win really big prizes and take home a jackpot at Poker Online Indonesia slots.

Focus On The Game –

a very simple, yet often neglected thing that a lot of people suffer form, is that they lose their focus. Gambling in the game of presence of mind and clever wit. You cannot get distracted while playing. It can lead to huge losses and you will lose the game. Keep your eyes on the prize till the end.

Choose Reputed Sites –

when you want to play a game at a casino site, you must always choose the most reputed and reliable ones. There are lot of shady websites on the net which try to dupe the people who bet their money on their slots. That is why, you must trust no one else, but the reputed websites.

Set Yourself a Loss Limit –

you must never get carried away while gambling at a casino. Always set a loss limit in order to mitigate the amount of loss that you can bear. Once you set the limit, your mind understands that this is the maximum of a loss you can actually take.

Manage Your Bankroll –

do not lose all your money by betting high on the table and have nothing else to make a comeback with. Try to make smaller bets and patiently take your time to build up your Bankroll at the casino.

Here are the best tips that you must follow in order to earn more at a casino gambling game.

What Are The Styles Of Playing Poker And Mastering In It?

Online poker games are one of the biggest platforms where you can play and earn money. There are lots of applications where you can easily show your mark by playing poker games online. There are millions of players from all around the globe who play this game and earn good cash money. You can also do the same by going through a certified website for playing poker games online. Pkv Online has different-different rules and regulations. If you are interested in playing these games, then it is important for you to know all the tricks before playing. 

If you want to become master within a short period of time by playing poker games online, then consider all the information which is listed on the lower section such as:

  1. The very basic tips for you to consider are the right platform for playing online poker games. You can play them either on your phone or laptop. It totally depends on you, and now, the next thing is that to choose a certified website. 
  2. There are lots of websites as well as applications through which one can easily play these games for a longer time. All you need to go through the right websites, which are certifies. You can choose any application for playing these games.
  3. The most important thing one needs to consider is that knowing all the rules and regulations before playing the game. For this, go through the section where you will find the rules so that it becomes clear for you to play the game. 

All the crucial information is listed in the above section, through which you can easily learn the styles of playing poker and mastering in it. May the above-listed information will become beneficial for you. 

Poker Online: Where Can You Play These Games?

Playing poker online is one of the most exciting things which have been seen among players. They found it as the best way to overcome boredom because you can play these games as long as you have a good internet connection. There are several websites as well as applications where you can easily found online poker games. You can also play games according to your choice as well as interest because there are multiple options for you to consider. It becomes easy for an individual to play these games just by sitting at home or in any other place. You don’t have to move out of your house or visit any casino. Just by sitting at home, one can easily play these games.

You can visit any gambling website, and here you will find hundreds of games. If you are a beginner, then it is important for you to go through wisely. As a reason, there are some websites that are not legalized. So when you are visiting any gambling website for playing games, then make sure that you visit a legalized and trustworthy website.

We all know that playing Pkv Games has its own websites such as you can earn money through it as well as play it with your friends and family too. Now, in the lower section, I am going to represent some information that will become beneficial for you to play poker games online.

  • Party poker
  • Ladbrokes coral
  • Tiger gaming poker
  • PokerStars
  • 888 Poker
  • 30$Bonus

The above listed are some of the platforms where one can easily play games like poker online. It becomes easy for you to go through these websites because here you will get players from all around the world. May the above-listed information will become beneficial for you. 

Miles City, Montana at Night

Miles City, Montana has a lot of night life to offer for a town of approximately 8000 or so. You can get a bite to eat at some nice restaurants or grab some fast food. There are numerous places to gamble the night away and some quiet dark places you can relax to toss back a couple of cool ones. There is a book store that stays open at night for coffee, music and readings. Baseball games, hockey, college basketball, and high school football are as entertaining here as they are anywhere.

Each year in the month of May Miles City puts on the world famous Bucking Horse Sale. There are parades and pie eating contests. Real cowboys buck broncos and Bulls for rodeo officials who come here to buy good rodeo stock. Horse racing and night dances with live bands also liven up the city during this sale. Meanwhile, there are also those who prefer to play poker online on their phones. Well, those are the introverts who want to keep their fun to themselves. Many people from all over the country come here for this fun filled weekend that has become a tradition in a town that has plenty of tradition.

Miles City Books and News is a book store that has plenty of character. It is owned and operated by the mayor. It is a nice place to browse through the latest tomes, meet people, and at night have some coffee and listen to live local musicians and writers. At this book store you can order magazines, newspapers or books they don’t have on hand. It is truly a unique place.

Some casinos offer fine eating alongside their gaming machines. The Stagecoach Station is one such place. Family dining is offered on one side of the restaurant while on the other a classy casino holds some fun gaming machines and a fine bar. Others casinos include Lucky Lil’s, Golden Spur Sports Bar  amp; Casino and at least four others that are just as fun and friendly.

The Montana Bar is a beautiful and historic place with a relaxed comfortable atmosphere. It is the perfect place to meet a friend for a drink and a popular place for visitors to congregate. There’s also the Rangeriders Casino Bar on Main street. There are several more watering holes that are also fine establishments. It is said that in small towns the number of bars is equal to the number of churches. This is somewhat close to the truth in Miles City, which keeps things pretty well balanced.

For those of you who enjoy a good movie there is The Montana Theater also located on Main street. This place has an aura of good times past yet also has all the modern comfort of brand new theaters. The Montana theater always has a varied list of movies available to offer the old and young, families and singles.

Some small towns are accused of rolling up the sidewalks at sundown. Not so with Miles City. There is always something entertaining to do there at night.

Halloween Horror Nights’ Lady Luck is a Gamble

Scare-seekers and Halloween enthusiasts alike may feel let down by this year’s Halloween Horror Nights 21 at Universal Studios Orlando. Known for unique themes, fearsome “scareactors”, and elaborate scenery, sets, and costumes, Halloween Horror Nights’ eight houses and six Scare Zones failed to pack the fear factor punch.

This year’s theme of The House Always Wins and the title character of Lady Luck seemed to give off a definite femme fatale vibe and attraction and was even more alluring when my husband pointed out that the many billboards of Lady Luck bore an uncanny resemblance to myself, but what started out as child-like excitement over our annual trip to Halloween Horror Nights, soon turned to disappointment as the night wore on…and on…and on. This was a very similar feeling to what I had when playing poker online.

Our adventure began with dropping off our eight month old son at Grandma and Grandpa’s for the night in Daytona Beach, and then we were off in our Kia Sorento, reminiscing on all the previous HHN adventures we had taken. However, after what should’ve been a forty-five minute drive west on I-4 turned into two hours in rush-hour traffic, four car accidents, and an electric thunderstorm, we arrived at the overpriced parking garage boiling with cabin fever. We were a bit put-off when we discovered that the parking would cost us fifteen dollars and not the three dollars after six o’clock as advertised on the park’s website. Apparently, the increased after-hours rate was reserved especially for the extra special patrons of HHN.

Nonetheless, we shook off our frustration (happy to be out of the car), met up with our friends who were already inside waiting on us, and tried to recapture our initial exuberance for the evening. It was short-lived.

Scare Zones-Not so scary!

To say that the first two Scare Zones we encountered were lackluster is a compliment. They were not scary at all. Normally, we enjoy passing through the Scare Zones multiple times throughout the night, but we found little interest in wasting our time repeating our walkthroughs. The first of the six Scare Zones we passed through was titled “7” for the seven evil temptresses parading about. Parade they did, scare they did not. It was like the evil alter-egos of the Desperate Housewives had come to life, except I have seen scarier on the television. The Grown Evil Scare Zone reminded me of walking through an evil forest in a Disney story.

We were confused and dismayed to realize that the title character, or spokescharacter, Lady Luck, did not have her own house, as is customary at HHN, nor was she omnipresent throughout the evening. Rather, she was hidden down a side street in a small Scare Zone at the back of the park, and I get that the alleyways and scenery is probably what leant to her particular locale, but it was as if Lady Luck had been an after-thought, instead of the headliner.

The Acid Assault Scare Zone put on a pretty good show of special effects and scare-tactics. We were especially impressed by the crumbling buildings effect.

Houses of Horror?

We thought surely that the first two houses we went through, The Forsaken and The In-Between, would be the redeemers of the sub-par Scare Zones. They were not. The Forsaken, wherein a recreation of a Spanish fort-the fort in St. Augustine we presume-has been taken over by the “mutinous undead crew of Columbus'” lost fourth ship, wowed us with its scenery and likeness to the Castillo de San Marcos but left us scared-less. However, being a native Floridian and one who lives a half-hour from St. Augustine, I did appreciate the nod to Florida history.

The In-Between renewed our faith in HHN, albeit briefly. Our first tip that this house might be exciting? The 3-D glasses we were handed as we entered. In addition, to the black-lit, “trippy”, senses-altering 3-D effects, the scareactors had the ability to scare. Finally! My husband, for whom Halloween is his Christmas and whom most haunted houses have a hard time impressing let alone scaring-he started out many moons ago as a scareactor at HHN…once upon a time-yelled several times, “This is awesome!” I had to agree, The In-Between house hit the mark.

Alas, the exuberance for the night was short-lived, and the experience went downhill from there.

When we exited The In-Between house, we were greeted with pouring rain, lightning, and standing water. Not just any standing water, though, standing water that was approaching calf-high, and since there was only one sidewalk leading us out to the rest of the park, we had to wade through the water. The storm we had driven through on I-4 had found us again! My husband, being the chivalrous gentleman that he is, told me, “hop on!” so that my already soaking shoes, socks, and jean legs wouldn’t get worse. Too late-prune-like toes and blistery feet prevailed! I was amazed that this was the only path out of that house and that I actually heard a park attendant telling guests, “You have to cross through it. It’s only a few steps, and then you’ll be across. Come on, you can do it!” Definitely not something you hear every day at a theme park.

While we hunkered down in the Barney stage show arena for over an hour waiting on the rain to let up, my husband and his friends entertained the crowds with their rendition of Milli Vanilli’s “Blame It on the Rain” accented by the background instrumentation of thunder cracking and a brilliantly scary lightning show…finally, something scary to watch!

The rest of the night seemed almost like a chore to go from house to house, but the award for the worst house of the night goes to….drum roll, please…H.R. Bloodengutz Holidays of Horror. After waiting in a “20-minute wait” line for over an hour wearing soaking shoes and socks, we hoped that this house would make the wait worthwhile. Unfortunately, not only was the house not scary, but it was downright distasteful and borderline sacrilegious, as well. With scenes featuring an evil Easter Bunny, demented, saw-wielding elves, and a decapitated Santa, as well as a nude victim folded up like a holiday turkey, stuffed in some unmentionable areas, it was no wonder many visitors came out saying, “that was horrible!”

Two houses we found to be creepy and close to scary would have to be the Nightingales house, which takes visitors through a maze of WWI trenches and barracks barraged by evil nurses and banshees and the Saws and Steam house, which takes visitors through a maze of flesh-tearing machinery and the demented souls who are trapped and working there, the individual cogs in the giant machine of life that has both made them and tore them apart….literally. Even my husband was startled a time or two by the excellent timing of the actors who leaped out at us. I also enjoyed the freezing-yes, freezing!-temperatures of the Winter Memories house, which was a nice change from the post-thunderstorm steam outside.

My favorite of the night, although not for its ability to scare, was the Nevermore house, based on the madness of Edgar Allan Poe. As a high school English teacher, I enjoyed going through this house and seeing Universal’s portrayal of several of Poe’s most notable gothic horrors. This was probably one of the most uniquely themed houses I’ve been through at HHN. Had it been scarier, or had I not been so into the literature-come-to-life aspect and trying to guess which rooms represented which of Poe’s stories, this easily could have been my favorite house of the night.

I wish I could say that this year’s trip to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights was not a disappointment, but I would be lying if I did. The sets, scenery, and costumes were fantastic, but the acting involved left little to be appreciated and very few scared. There’s always next year, so here’s hoping!

Why You Should Buy Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box for Nintendo DS

Although it remains a relatively unknown series in North America, the Professor Layton games are extremely popular in Japan. Each of the three games in the trilogy managed to become a best-seller in the Japanese market. Unfortunately, Nintendo, who publishes the game in North America, has been slow at localizing the Professor Layton games. As a result, Professor Layton and the Curious Village weren’t released until a year after the initial Japanese launch. 

Furthermore, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box won’t be released until one and a half years after it came out in Japan. The long wait is worth it, however. if you are still unsure of the game then you can check it out on Agen BandarQ and decide for yourself. Here are several reasons why you should buy the upcoming Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box on the Nintendo DS. 


The developer behind Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is Level-5. Founded in 1998, they have become one of the premier developers in the entire industry. Among their impressive portfolio of high-quality games include Dark Cloud 2, Dragon Quest VIII, Jeanne d’Arc, and Dragon Quest IX. Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is your atypical game from Level-5 as it is more of a puzzle game than a role-playing one. It is still one of the best games to be developed by them, however.

Engrossing Story

Just like Professor Layton and the Curious Village, you can expect Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box to have an engrossing story. In fact, it is further boosted by more animated cut scenes and extended voice work.

Professor Layton’s mentor, Andrew Schroeder, was mysteriously killed and the Diabolical Box may have something to do with it. Therefore, the professor and his apprentice Luke must travel through various lands in order to solve the mystery.

New Collectibles

While you can simply play through the story of Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box straight from beginning to end, you will be missing out on some valuable collectibles. Certain puzzles will reward your items for one of the four following categories: Hamster, Herb Tea, Mystery Journal and Unique Camera. You will certainly get your money’s worth with the upcoming Nintendo DS exclusive game.

Downloadable Puzzles

As if the more than 150 puzzles that come with the game weren’t enough, Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box take advantage of the Wi-Fi Connection of the Nintendo DS. The game will get a new downloadable puzzle piece per week for 33 weeks straight after the initial launch. It will keep you busy long after you complete all the puzzles.

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box will certainly be one of the best games on the Nintendo DS when it comes out in late August. Make sure you don’t miss out on this sure-fire hit.

Don’t Call Nintendo’s Wii a Comeback

It wasn’t always this way. Heck, those not born yesterday know that less than a year ago Nintendo was in a radically different position – still far and away a continued handheld powerhouse thanks to the DS, but it was a company with a serious image problem and one typically viewed as “the third” console home manufacturer, despite being the first among any of the Big Three to enter the market. Hell, they saved the market back in the 80s. These days though, Nintendo was almost viewed as hurting it, what with their kiddy titles, “repetitive” franchises that had hung around for a quarter century, and supposed inability to connect to today’s average gamer. Consumers were told it was an aging company ruled by aging Japanese businessmen who made bad and/or hokey decisions. True fans around the world still existed in large numbers, but the sales weren’t quite there and the mainstream game media sure wasn’t on board, either, even if they had made strides since the DS’ launch in 2004 and were coming around as the day of the Wii launch approached.

I’ve touched on this subject some following the November 2006 launch, but there’s more to be said here. How does a company turn things around this much?

Well… don’t call it a comeback.

After all, how much different is Nintendo now from then? How much different are their products, their philosophy, even their style?

The answer? Not much.

It’s all about perception. One big style contest, really – sort’ve like back when you were in middle school and you had to start wearing name brand clothes to stay up with the “in crowd”. The industry itself is at that stage now – middle school, maybe early high school depending on how you see it – and what sets the tone and “age” for all the proceedings is a combination of the media and the consumer. After all, let’s not kid ourselves, the video game industry is still a very juvenile one – not so much because of its target demographic, but because of the relative youth of the medium and the youth and conceptual understandings of the media that runs the show. Because of these conditions (which, admittedly, still exist in other more established mediums, but not to the same extent), success (popularity) isn’t so much about what you bring to the table but how you bring it, not so much who or what you are as it is how you present yourself and how you’re perceived. Just like playing Pkv games online, your perception is indeed an important factor. The way you initially perceive it might have an impact or long lasting impressions. Hence, this can be compared to playing Nintendo. Yeah, it’s the hype before because of somewhat social symbol.

Imagine if Nintendo had not brought us the Wii and instead opted to go with their other plan… simply releasing the Wii remote and system capabilities as a hardware upgrade to the GameCube. Functionally, it serves the same purpose and would have brought us virtually the same games; plus, it would have even cost us less. However, aside from the negative connotations associated with add-ons (Sega 32X, anyone?), it just isn’t a hip or stylish thing to do. Why release an amazing new control method for on old purple cube when you can release an amazing new control method in a shiny new Apple-esque white box? Why continue supporting a “has been” system when you can embark on an entirely new venture? Why cruise down the street in a Ford Focus when you can roll in a tinted Yukon Denali affair with the windows down and the beat turned up? (Cuz the hunnies like it better that way! – Ed.)

Style. In many ways it’s an unfortunate consideration, particularly in the realm of video games, but in many ways – okay, all ways – it’s totally necessary. Good marketing involves putting your best foot forward as a company, and doing so in a manner that can be appreciated by a wide number of your target audience. Nintendo has always tried to put their best foot forward, but only of late have they once again connected with the more shallow consumers among us and the more jaded of game journalists – some of whom likely were decrying the GameCube for being a purple cube while they sat typing their editorial in a Tron tshirt that was two sizes too big.

The funny this is, Nintendo isn’t operating much differently than in the past. Sure, their console looks cooler, and yeah, Reggie is a fresh face for the company, but their philosophy and their game design continues to carry over since the 80s and 90s. The main difference now? Nintendo’s innovation and their focus on simplicity has carried over from a purely software implementation into a hardware one, as well. The DS features dual screens and touch sensitivity while the Wii features a full-scale motion sensing remote; both share an aesthetically clean look. It appears thus that appreciation for the elements that make Nintendo the company they are is much easier felt (at least for some) when these elements make their way into a tangible, physical form – a form that can be draped in style and dipped in “cool”, fondled in one’s hand and admired from across a room. It’s sad that consumers operate in such a manner, but that’s the way it is, across all mediums. The iPod may feature a nice digital interface and its own, massive music store, but the reason it grossly outsells competing mp3 players is because of its glossy surface and simplistic button arrangement – its focus on simplicity and “cool”.

Some complain the Wii is just a GameCube stuck in a white rectangular box with a new fancy remote. Even if that was a fair judgment, it wouldn’t matter. The Wii would continue to sell, and sell big. Such is the power of perception. Nintendo ultimately has only repackaged themselves, or rather, altered the public’s perception of their company through the repackaging of their core product – the home console – which serves as their face to the world. They’ve done nothing else to change themselves otherwise – they’ve always been innovators, that is nothing new.

Nintendo has been here for years, just as they are today. So don’t call it a comeback.

Madden 09 Review: Xbox 360

I’m the kind of guy that has played Madden since the early 90’s, so I’d like to think I’ve seen its ups and downs. Often the game is nothing more than just a simple roster update as many of us know, with a new feature here or there and a few new player animations. This game certainly appears to have aimed higher than usual, with lots of new features and more fluid animations. Don’t let the flashiness of Madden 09 fool you though, because in some ways there is as much bad as there is good in this game.

I’ll start with the good, since there really is a lot to like about this game. For those of us who played the Madden 09 demo on XBox Live, we got an early taste of what the new Madden IQ feature was like. It’s a nice addition to the game that will give experienced Madden players a bit of a new challenge. Not only does Madden 09 adapt to your personal skill in the game, but for All-Madden difficulty players the Madden IQ can actually go past that level depending on how good you really are. Madden IQ is based upon the player’s skill level in four areas: pass offense, rush offense, rush defense, and pass defense. Your Madden IQ score will likely change a little from game to game as you increase and/or decrease in certain skills, and you can always select the old difficulty levels if you don’t prefer this new feature.

Another new feature is the Backtrack feature that basically has Chris Collinsworth explaining what you did wrong on certain downs in a flashy ESPN-styled evaluation of these bad plays. Typically these Backtracks will involve a sack, interception, or if you’re beaten by the passing game on defense because a linebacker was covering a wide receiver. The first time or two you see it might leave you pretty impressed, but after that it will probably start to get old. Just like the Madden IQ though, this feature can be turned off as well or skipped through during a game by simply pressing a button. A much more worthy new feature in this Madden game for me was the EA SPORTS Rewind. If a play doesn’t go your way, you can press x with this new feature and start the play all over again. On offense, defense, or special teams there’s going to be a mistake or bad call that we’d all like to have the chance to reverse sometimes. The EA SPORTS Rewind is also very nifty on defense, because it lets you comfortably commit to the run or pass play that you know the CPU offense is going to run. Once again, this is another new feature that can be set from anywhere to unlimited, a few mulligans, one, or none.

The graphics look about the same as previous versions on XBox 360, but experienced Madden players will notice a significant improvement in player animations. Not only are there several new animations such as the bobble catch and missed field goal return; but running, blocking, group tackling, and other player animations look smoother and more authentic. The downloadable roster update was also a pleasant surprise in this game, especially given what had transpired with the Brett Favre situation. A gold XBox Live account is needed for this though, and some manual updating will still be required if you want to be completely up to date with what’s going on with current NFL depth charts. Madden 09’s soundtrack is excellent too, and of course you’re given the opportunity in the game’s settings to select and unselect whatever songs you want to hear while playing the game. Additionally, Madden Moments and the Online Dynasty feature round out the new aspects of Madden 09. Franchise and Superstar Mode returns, and those who purchase the more expensive special edition of Madden 09 will have even more things to play with and enjoy.

Now, to the bad. If you spend enough time perusing message boards or YouTube concerning EA Sports games in general, it seems they’re really having some recent problems with glitches and freezes in their sports titles. Numerous people have had problems with their game profiles being deleted or having game freezes in Nascar 09, and I experienced several game freezes myself when playing NCAA Football 09. I don’t remember having any problems whatsoever with Madden 08 freezing, nor Fight Night Round 3 also made by EA. For whatever reason the 09 versions of several EA Sports games seem to have freezing problems for quite a few people, and unfortunately Madden 09 is no exception. While playing Franchise Mode, I occasionally had the odd freeze when I wanted to simulate a pre-season or regular season. Once I reached season three in Franchise Mode, I could neither play nor simulate any pre-season games without the game freezing over and over again. A simple restart of the system would remedy this freezing problem when I had it previously, but I tried this method several times for season three to no avail.

Other than some programming bug, my simple guess of what could have caused this issue would be common problems CPU teams have with the salary cap in the Franchise Mode of virtually every Madden. Computer teams are often drafting or signing expensive players in free agency they don’t need at positions that are already strong, which leads to baffling releases of Pro Bowl caliber starting quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and so on. These decisions not only weaken the CPU teams and lessen the believability of the game, but cap penalties from these releases will continue to cripple CPU teams in the future. The freezes I’ve had in Franchise Mode occur when CPU teams are trying to add players before the pre-season starts, possibly with insufficient funds to fill their depth charts. Perhaps I’ll try running my next Franchise Mode with the salary cap turned off in the hope that it might solve this problem. I also experienced one freeze while in-game when I used the EA Sports Rewind feature after a penalty occurred in the fourth quarter. Another glitch somehow transplanted my QB sneak turned fumble on the opposing team’s goal line into them having the ball on my 20 yard line after recovering the ball and accepting a holding penalty, even though they were tackled immediately near their goal line after recovering the fumble. A few little bugs or some major problems, I’ll let you play the game and judge for yourself. Hopefully you will have better luck with Madden 09 than I and several other players have had.

Overall, Madden 09 is a really solid game though and were it not for these freezing problems I’d say it was the best Madden game yet. Every game I have or have played on my Xbox 360 other than the occasional EA Sports game has not frozen on me, so it’s disappointing to see an otherwise excellent game fall short because of a problem that professional game developers and publishers should not allow to reach store shelves. If EA payed me enough, I would gladly test this game. As it is, I will continue to play it and just try to overlook the flaws.

All in all, Madden 09 is one of the best Xbox 360 models to have come out in recent times by serving as a benchmark for Pkv games due to the variety of levels and genres it has to offer alongwith the ease at which it relates to numerous youngsters.

Learn to Play Casino Games for Free in Las Vegas

If you’ve been to Las Vegas, you’ve undoubtedly strolled through the casino floor at some very odd hours and noticed that quite a few of the closed tables have little placards placed on them that tell you about a free lesson. Maybe you’ve seen these placards, but are never out of bed in time to catch the free lesson. Maybe you think to yourself – “why would the casino give me a free lesson to beat them at their own game”? Maybe you don’t want to look like a ‘rookie’ by taking gambling lessons. In this article, we’ll cover some of the reasons casinos give the free lessons, and we’ll give some of the better places (and times) to go to catch a free lesson for yourself. If you are not a big fan of all this, then you can also try situs judi bola terpercaya which is a free online platform that you can try for all your gambling needs. 

Why would the casino give me a free lesson, don’t they want me to lose?

Of course, casinos want your money. But a casino is smart business – they know to keep you in the casino you can’t lose all the time. Otherwise, you’d stop coming back. The purpose of these lessons is actually two-fold. On one hand, they like to throw the word ‘free’ at you and make it feel like you are getting something of value for nothing – to make you feel like you are already ahead. Granted, there is value to be learned in these lessons, but you can get the same knowledge for ‘free’ at any one of several outlets (books, Internet, watching other players, etc.). Now, on the other hand, a casino knows that a customer is more likely to stay if they are having a good time and not feel like they aren’t getting their money’s worth in some way. The longer you are in their casino – the more money you put in their wallet; no ifs, and’s or buts about it. So, to keep you in longer they have no problem informing you on how to play their games – especially if they can spin it as they are ‘giving’ you something for free.

I always see the placards for free lessons, but never remember when they are. Is there a schedule?

Most casinos with table games will offer free lessons to their games at some point. However, they know that a table that is giving a lesson is not making any money. Naturally, this means that the ‘free lesson’ schedule will follow some odd hours (odd for the nightlife heavy Las Vegas schedule anyway). Most casinos have scheduled lessons in the morning – as that is by far the least busy time on a casino game floor. Most, if not all, casinos offer free lessons – so either inquire at the front or concierge desks or check the placards on the floor. The schedules are subject to change, but a few of the regular, and some with a little more convenient hours are listed below:

Excalibur (This is a very common free lesson schedule in most casinos)

Blackjack – Monday through Friday, 11 am to 1 pm

Craps – Monday through Friday, 11 am to 1 pm

Roulette – Monday through Friday, 11 am to 1 pm

Tropicana (Offers lessons on Saturday)

Multiple table game lessons available – Wednesday through Saturday, 10 am to 11:30 am

Stardust (Offers lessons in the afternoon to early evening)

Multiple table game lessons available – Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6 pm

Palace Station (Offers lessons on Sunday)

Multiple table game lessons available – Sunday  amp; Monday, 8:30 am

Imperial Palace (Has an extensive free lesson schedule)

Blackjack – Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 1 pm and Friday from 9 am

Craps – Monday through Thursday, 11 am through 3 pm and Friday at 9 am

Roulette – Monday through Friday, 11 am

Mini-Baccarat – Monday through Friday, 10 am

I don’t want to look like a ‘rookie’ by going to these lessons, I consider myself a pretty good gambler. Should I go?

Unless you are a professional gambler, chances are pretty good that you will pick up a tip or two from these lessons. In general, most people that attend these lessons are fairly serious about learning the game. This forces the casino to be very open and honest when it comes to these lessons. They figure that if you are into the game enough to get a lesson on it – you may also try learning about it other ways. In that case, they wouldn’t want you to get better or conflicting information elsewhere and possibly lose their trust to a point you don’t play at their casino. Don’t confuse this though – they aren’t going to give you any advantage other than common sense. They – or anyone for that matter – can’t teach you to beat the house, which typically holds over a 2% advantage or more in any table game.

If you are in Las Vegas and you are interested in some free table lessons, this information should help out. As mentioned, almost every casino offers some sort of free lesson for their games – and if you are out and about during the times they are going on – you should definitely check them out. Remember, however, don’t put too much value into the ‘free’ label – but who knows – maybe you’ll learn how to get lucky and take down the house!

Online Slot- High Up in Popularity Stakes

There are many aspects to an argument due to different sides and one can go for either side based on preference but one simply cannot deny the fact that you are all by yourself in real life if you are caught in a problematic mess.

Nobody wants to be trapped in a situation where you have no one or nothing to help you out but if you do make through then you are heaped with praise and accolades where you are thought to be no less than god.

There are certain folks that would love to be addressed as god but that could be on a different field and situation like gambling where you need to be extremely intelligent to sail through on each round.

Modern Day Slotting

There were the old days when one used to travel to the casino to engage in a nice game of poker, Russian roulette, slot machine, etc. but now due to technology being advanced far and wide, you simply have to go online and get everything available at your fingertips with just a few clicks away.

Poker Online Terpercaya is the most preferred among other poker games and you just need to have a strong internet connection to proceed because online casinos have been provided the license to go digital for the comforts of people that cannot afford to go to a casino.

The digital medium has helped online poker to flourish far and wide where it is now available in different countries apart from US like Canada, UK, France, Australia, India, etc. because it can be of perfect use for homophobic people that don’t like travelling around that much.

Modern day slot machines are also engaging enough to keep you glued to your seats where you simply cannot help but get tempted to play more and more rounds with each win and losses matter very little.

What Is A 3-Card Poker Game?

If you are looking for a poker game that is quite straightforward, 3-card poker is the right game for you. One of the best things about this poker game is that, unlike other poker games, this is very simple to play without any complicated aspects. It is true that you still have to be strategic when playing this game, but 3 card poker is not complex by its nature. This is one of the modern games in poker because it was just recently invented by Derek Webb in the last decade of the 20th century. 

As mentioned earlier, 3 card poker is very straightforward and simple to play. The main things that you have to focus on are the house’s cards and your own cards. Hence, when yoy make a mistake, it is you only who will be punished. In other poker games, your fellow players will also get penalty but in 3 card poker, only you will take the consequences of your wrong move. Basically, the game starts by distributing the cards by the dealer. Every player will get 3 cards and the ante bet is made. Number cards will also be given to dealers, however, their cards are faced down. Consequently, when the player makes an ate bet, another player needs to select from the options of either fold or call. When the player chooses calling, he or she needs to make an additional bet. But if he or she opts to do the folding, the forfeiting of the ante wager will occur.

Just like any other games, you need to be strategic when playing this game,. It is advisable always keep in mind that it is not wise to go for pair plus bets. This will help you reduce the increase of the house edge. This game can also be played through poker online.

The Top Entertainment in Cherokee North Carolina

When most people think of Cherokee North Carolina they think of gift shops, the mountains, and Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and Hotel as the only entertainment available. Cherokee North Carolina offers much more entertainment than that. Cherokee North Carolina offers a wide variety of entertainment ranging from a zoo to a theme park, and so much more. If your trip to Cherokee North Carolina is short, you should make it a point to visit the following places for great, family entertainment.

Cherokee Bear Zoo and Exotic Animals

1204 Tsalagi Road

Cherokee, NC


828 497 4525

Cherokee Bear Zoo and Exotic Animals is perfect entertainment for all ages. While there, you’ll be able to pet and observe several different varieties of animals. They have animals ranging from Black Bears to tigers to monkeys, and even Grizzly Bears. Being able to feed some of the animals is a moving experience. There are few times when you’ll actually be able to feed such exotic animals and for a child it’s a memorable experience that will help spur their love for animals. The admission price is only $5 for adults and children over 3 years of age. Children 3 and under are admitted for free. While there, why not visit their mini golf course for more entertainment. Cherokee Bear Zoo and Exotic Animals is open daily March 1st through December 31st and weekends in January and February (weather permitting).

Smoky Mountain Gold and Ruby Mine

Highway 441 North

Cherokee, NC



Smoky Mountain

Gold and Ruby Mine is especially fun for kids. Panning for gold and gems can be very messy, so of course your children will love it. If you aren’t interested in getting dirty, don’t worry. There is a gift shop that sells jewelry, allowing you access to gold and gems without the mess, and we all know their entertainment to be found in shopping. If you do pan for gold and gems and are lucky enough to find a gem that you just love, they will cut, polish, and set the gem into one of their many fine jewelry settings. A tip to remember, is that the price of the bucket of dirt you purchase will determine how many and what kind of gold and gems you will receive. Open daily March through November. At Domino QQ online gambling site, the level of entertainment will be excellent. The selection of the opponent should be made after guidance about the gameplay. The payment will be secure and safe for the gamblers and players without problem.

Cherokee Fun Park


North Carolina

(828) 497-5877

Cherokee Fun Park is great entertainment for little kids and teenagers, and those who are kids at heart. The offer bumpers boats, miniature golf, go-carts, an arcade, and 8 kiddie rides. It’s honestly like a miniature theme park. There are several go-cart tracks to choose from and you could spend the whole day there and never get bored.

Santa’s Land Theme Park and Zoo

571 Wolftown Road

Cherokee,, NC


828-497-9191 or 828-497-9188

Santa’s Land is mostly entertainment for little kids, but can easily be enjoyed by older kids and adults as well. Offering a variety of rides, Santa’s Land will keep your children happy for quite a few hours. Santa’s Land also has several animals in their zoo and several gift shops as well. Santa’s Land might quite possibly have the cheapest admission of all theme parks at $16.59 plus tax. Children 2 and under are admitted for free. They are open daily from the first week of May to the first week of November 10am to 5pm Monday-Friday and 9am to 6pm on the weekends.

Unto These Hills


North Carolina


Unto These Hills is not only a wonderful entertainment option, but tells the story of the Cherokee Native Americans. Your children will be totally oblivious to the fact that they are learning something as they watch the Cherokee fight for their land. You will truly feel what the Cherokee felt. This is a very moving play and should not be missed. The play can be viewed Monday-Saturday June through mid August.

If traveling with younger family members, it’s important to know that these entertainment options are available. Too often, I see families coming to Cherokee North Carolina to visit Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and Hotel, which is a wonderful place, but they leave their children alone in the hotel rooms with nothing to do. So if you’re coming to visit the casino for adult entertainment, please bring along someone who can take the younger ones around town to enjoy these entertainment options, so they won’t be bored and alone.

What Do the Casinos Know About You?

They say that casinos are Number One in customer service, but is it more than that? Casinos have proven over and over again that if they know more about their customers, they can target and profile those that will make the most money for them. When they’re comping rooms and drinks or asking about how your wife likes her new job, do you stop to ask yourself how well the casinos know you, and why they go to such efforts? If they know what types of games you like and what your financial situation is, they can milk far more money from your wallet than by providing plain old customer service.

The purpose of casinos getting to know their customers is simple: It helps them make more money. When they know which games you enjoy playing, they can help suggest new games you might enjoy. When they provide you with free hotel rooms, meals and show tickets, they encourage you to return, and we all know that the House stands to win most of the time. The more you play, the more money rolls into the casino, and their customers think that they simply appreciate patronage. I’m all for great customer service, but in an age where we have to worry about databases and identity theft, how much do you want the casinos to know about you?

There are a few ways in which casinos can collect data on their frequent customers and especially high rollers. One of those methods was started by Harrah’s Entertainment in the late nineties. They rolled out what is now called the Total Rewards program, which gives their most important customers (currently estimated at more than 20 million) a card that earns them points. When they play games, they either insert the card into a slot or provide it to the table employee to slide. That information is then recorded in the casino’s database and you earn your way toward more freebies. It might seem like you both win, but the casino is profiting more than you are from this system.

Once the data is collected from the loyalty cards, it is compared with key demographics and other public databases to give the casino employees a real-time understanding of how to treat that particular customer. The system is so advanced that, by the time you’ve handed over your card at a table and seated yourself to play a game of Blackjack, the attendant at the table will now your betting strategy, how much you’ve won or lost before and how valuable you are to the casino. All of that information can be transported in a matter of seconds. The database runs 24/7 because casinos never close.

There is one positive side to all of this, based on an article written by CNN’s Kim Nash in July of 2003. Apparently casinos don’t share their information with other businesses or sources. They prefer to use the information to their advantage, but won’t compromise their edge or their customer’s privacy by selling, renting or distributing that information. So even though every employee at Harrah’s might know how many children you have and how much money you make every year, you can be pretty confident in the knowledge that your dry cleaner’s isn’t privy to that same information.

He might be aware of your fondness for Slot Indonesia but to think that he would have access to personal info is quite difficult to believe given that privacy is one of the most important things of an individual’s life that he values greatly.

Casino – Let Us Get Bankrupt with Pleasure

Casino – a word which was initially used to mention a summerhouse or a small villa, has now expanded to include a collection of gambling games. In some strange cases, it even hosts some extraordinary sports events. Las Vegas has the largest strip of casinos in a single place. Casinos provide a range of games in which you need to outsmart the house to make money. A casino, with its striking lights and beautiful showgirls, raises the pathological gamblers to an unprecedented number. The casino is indeed a fun place to be at any part of the time.

Casinos have entered into the next phase through online gambling with the likes of ufa. Online gambling is a new way of minting money for houses. Irrespective of their location, casinos in various continents have their own website and generate their revenues through the internet. They are now reaching a bigger audience through their online presence. And many casinos lure their customers in such a way, that they make a physical visit.

Security in every casino is high owing to the unprecedented amount of money involved in it during any part of the time. Though there are thousands of cameras and private detectives present physically in a casino. Still, there are lapses owing to the ingenuity of the criminals.

The increase in the number of Casinos does have a lot of advantages, as they have the ability to generate a lot of employment. And the amount of money involved is very huge and the states make more money though casinos through taxing them directly and indirectly and the indirect employment opportunities associated with it are huge. It saves the states as well as the citizens from an extra tax burden. By having casinos, illegal gambling can be reduced to a greater extent; the bookies mostly target the greed of the common man by giving unprecedented credit. Such horrendous situations are totally eliminated in casinos. And there would be definitely a boost in tourism, as most of them are pathological gamblers. People who visit the casinos would definitely buy a souvenir in remembrance of that particular city. So, a boom in tourism can definitely be anticipated.

Casinos do have a lot of disadvantages; they raise the crime rate of the neighborhood. The real estate prices to rise to an unprecedented extent and the smaller businesses lose their revenue as they could not compete with corporations running the casino. Both the food industry as well as the entertainment industry gets affected.

Irrespective of both the advantages and disadvantages of casinos, casinos are the epitome of human greed and they would exist till the greed exists in a human being. There is always a chance of making a million in a casino overnight, so why question it?

True Crime, Las Vegas-Style

While most tourists in Las Vegas were at the slot machines and most residents were doing their Christmas shopping, two very daring robbers were doing a little shopping of their own. The Palace Station Casino is north of the famous Las Vegas Strip and is part of the very large Station Casinos chain. Early Monday morning, December 14, 2009, an armored car pulled up to the front of the casino to pickup up the weekend money. It was almost 9 a.m., and one guard stayed in the armored car while the other went inside to pick up the funds from the casino.

Everyone who has ever been to a casino in Las Vegas knows there are security cameras everywhere, lots of uniformed and plain-clothes security officers and lots and lots of tourists – especially at the front of the casino.

In spite of that, two gunmen confronted the guard as he walked out of the casino and quickly robbed him at gunpoint without so much as a struggle. The guard later said he was taken by surprise and didn’t have time to draw his own gun. The other guard, waiting in the truck, did not notice the robbery. The two robbers calmly walked away on foot. No one was injured.

Las Vegas police reported that the suspects got away with more than $1,000,000, but the casino quickly said the take was only $36,000 and checks. The correct amount has yet to be determined. Las Vegas police also reported that a vehicle fire in a parking garage just before the robbery was possibly as a diversion to draw casino security away from the front of the casino. Police are looking for a vehicle containing two white males seen leaving the casino right after the robbery. Police, casino security and other investigators are combing through the security tapes for more evidence.

The robbers had little to identify them apart from the fact that both were strong and well built with their faces covered with a cloth apart from the fact that they stole a lot of money and not stay for a game of buktiqq.

How can Casino Dealers Cheat

If you are a casino player, there are times and moments when you just want to win all those money and scoop them all the way; and that is by cheating. It might be just for fun or not.

However in an establishment such as Casinos, where visible security guards are in motion, and more than a hundred of security cameras are on standby, for a dealer or a player, cheating can be really hard to do. However, people are smart and clever. They do everything in order to win without the effort of doing difficult tasks. 

Cheating in casinos has never been exclusive to players, dealers can cheat too, and casino establishment owners encourage this, because why not? The money won by the dealer through cheating goes to the establishment.

Some casinos even hire dealers to train them into a machine that can effectively cheat without anyone noticing. Like they say, it’s just a sleight of hand. The moment you blink, it’s gone.

The most common way a dealer can cheat is by swapping the original deck by a preset deck. This is very common and can be caught easily, however, with the untrained eye, this is very effective and could benefit casinos.

However, even though the dealer’s main goal is to defeat the players, his primary job is to protect the integrity of the game, such as with the case of dominoqq. Technically, this requires more than just dealing and pushing cards around.

It is uncommon and would rarely happen that a casino would try to cheat players off, because why would they? They already have the advantage and possible profit as soon as the player changes his money into chips. If you own a billion dollar casino and are earning millions and billions in a day, why would you throw off that diamond for a mere stone? 

What a player should do in order to avoid being cheated on is to be always vigilant. You never know when or how the cheating works. If you find any anomaly and you feel something is off, get out and find another table or just simply stop.

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