Keno is a popular game in casinos around the world. Keno is much like the lottery or bingo in which players choose numbers that they think will be drawn by the house. The more correct numbers picked, the higher you winning payout. Whether played in a land based casino or online, keno’s simple rules and friendly pace make it a favorite of gamblers everywhere.

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How to play keno

Keno is played using a keno card which is much like a bingo card. There are 80 number spots on each card numbered 1 – 80. the player marks off between 1 and 20 spots that he feels will be drawn by the house. Once all the wagers have been made, 20 numbered balls are drawn. If playing online keno, the numbers are produced by a random number generator. Once all the numbers have been drawn for each game, winners are paid out based on how many correct matches they have.

Keno Strategy

The first thing to consider is how many numbers you’re going to be betting on. Keep in mind that the more numbers bet on, the more likely you’ll get some matches, but it’s the percentage of matches made to the amount of numbers played that determines your pay out. For example, if you’re only playing 10 spots and hit 4 matches , or 40%, you wont get paid as much if you were betting only 8 spots and hit 4 matches, or 50%. The highest payouts come when you play a lot of numbers and match all the numbers. Some players like to pick sections of the keno cards and pick blocks of numbers that are in the same area, while others like to spread out there numbers in hopes of catching matches from all over the board. That’s about all there is to Keno betting, whether at a land based casino, or online.

Keno is a great game for the casual gambler because it’s super easy, can be played at ones own pace, and the wager can be as little as $1 per game. There are numerous top ranked online keno betting sites that make it super simple to get started. Most of these sites also offer free play, where you can use play money instead of real money until you get the hang of it. This is a great benefit that is awarded only to the online keno player. When playing from the comfort and convenience of your own home, you have the ability to learn and play this great game 24 hours a day. As with most betting games, keno is growing a strong foothold with the online crowd and gaining in popularity daily. knows where to find the hottest keno betting sites, which casino betting sites offer the most generous player bonuses and free cash, as well as which keno sites are accepting U.S. players. If you like the lottery or bingo, you can fill your urges 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with online keno. Join in the action and start having fun today because it’s never too late to win big money!

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