Playtech was established in 1999 by members of the multimedia, software, and casino industry in order to provide solutions to many of the issues plaguing the online gaming industry in its youth. The first two years of the company’s life were dedicated to building the initial Playtech software platform and brokering deals with existing online operators. In 2002, Playtech finally made its splash, converting the games of a popular land-based European casino for online play. With that accomplishment, the first of many Playtech casinos was born.

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Playtech saw another leap forward only a year later with the launch of Bingoland, the company’s worldwide bingo network. That same year, Playtech had another innovation to offer: Live Gaming. Through high quality video streaming, Playtech began broadcasting table games with live dealers across the Internet, allowing players to wager in real-life games online. Playtech was far from finished, though. The company launched the iPoker network in 2004. Over the next six years, Playtech grew by leaps and bounds, adding and partnering with more casinos, releasing more fantastic games, and experiencing substantial revenue growth.

Playtech Slots

Playtech slots are incredibly enjoyable as well. The company has created several popular games based on Marvel Comics properties, offering slots patterned after the X-Men, the Incredible Hulk, and Elektra. Playtech even runs a few progressive jackpots. The WinAJackpot network is responsible for a total progressive payout of more than $126 million since its inception in 2003. All Playtech slots games based on Marvel characters are linked through the Marvel Jackpot network, which allows players the chance to win an ever-growing mystery prize.

Playtech may not be the oldest casino gaming software provider, but it has certainly made a name for itself as one of the best. Years of secure quality gaming are a testament to the company’s development prowess. Its international progressive jackpot, poker, and bingo networks bring in players from all over, creating a truly worldwide gaming community. After all this innovation since the company began, it will be exciting to see what Playtech has in store for online gaming in the years to come.

Playtech Casinos

There’s certainly no shortage of Playtech casinos these days. One website has 40 Playtech partners listed. Some of these casinos are online imports of land-based establishments, while others are solely Internet-based. Regardless of a Playtech casino’s status as land-based import or Internet creation, all of them benefit from the great games suite and support Playtech has to offer.

Playtech has plenty to offer regardless of a player’s proclivities. The company has developed a vast array of games covering the entire gambling spectrum. From bingo to fixed odds, sports betting to poker, if you can play it at a casino, Playtech has software for it.

Players have plenty of potential bonuses to look forward to at Playtech casinos. Matching amounts will vary, but players can usually get at least around $500 in free cash.

Everyone is sure to find a favorite game from Playtech’s portfolio. Fixed-limit games offer a wide spectrum of Hi-Lo varieties, while Playtech’s sports betting software will accept wagers on just about any sport under the sun. The company’s poker network has won both the Poker Software Supplier of the Year and the Poker Network of the Year awards from EGR Awards.

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