Financial spread betting has been in vogue since quite some time but a new type of betting known as binary options betting is fast picking pace. The name binary options betting denotes the nature of the betting, which is slightly different from the conventional form of betting. In the binary options betting, there can be two possible outcomes. There are two price quotes, namely the ‘Bid’ quote and the ‘Offer’ quote.

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The pricing of the binary options spread bets are not dependent on or determined by the value of the underlying asset, but on the correct anticipation of the direction of the price of the asset in the market. Here the binary options bets therefore have quotes between the ranges of 0 to 100. As obvious, the amount of profit is higher if the assessment of the movement of the value of the asset is on the higher side, with in a given timeframe.

As mentioned, the spread betting of this sort is termed as binary options betting because of the fact that until the time of the expiration of the bet, there are just two possible outcomes of the bet. Either there could be an upward movement in the bet or there could be a downward movement. Now, if the price movement of the underlying asset finishes in the upward direction, that is the price settles at a higher price, the bet most probably settles at 100. On the other hand, if the price movement is in the lower direction, meaning that the price is lower than the said price, the bet settles at zero. The ‘time factor’ is an important factor, when considering the pricing of the bets, since the closer to the expiration time, higher will be the possibilities of anticipating correctly.

A very good and advantageous feature of binary options betting is that the profit or loss is known before the inception of the trade. This feature is highly beneficial for traders as they can lock in their profits or sell of their bets before the expiration time, to maximize profits or minimize losses. This means that the traders are at liberty to sell off their bets before the expiry time, in order to gain from the current price prevailing in the market. Additionally, since selling of bets is not restricted before the expiration of the bets, similarly buying of bets also is not restricted and traders can buy bets before the expiry time as well.

Binary options’ betting is also known as ‘fixed odds bets’ or ‘financial spread bets’. The names given to binary options betting are apt, since they denote the fix nature of the bet. Moreover, since there are just two possibilities and the odds are fixed, the name ‘fixed odds’ bets, is justified. The feature of buying or selling of bets before the expiry time, is not available in any other type of betting and for this reason, binary options betting is far more popular and beneficial for traders.

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