Casino – a word which was initially used to mention a summerhouse or a small villa, has now expanded to include a collection of gambling games. In some strange cases, it even hosts some extraordinary sports events. Las Vegas has the largest strip of casinos in a single place. Casinos provide a range of games in which you need to outsmart the house to make money. A casino, with its striking lights and beautiful showgirls, raises the pathological gamblers to an unprecedented number. The casino is indeed a fun place to be at any part of the time.

Casinos have entered into the next phase through online gambling with the likes of ufa. Online gambling is a new way of minting money for houses. Irrespective of their location, casinos in various continents have their own website and generate their revenues through the internet. They are now reaching a bigger audience through their online presence. And many casinos lure their customers in such a way, that they make a physical visit.

Security in every casino is high owing to the unprecedented amount of money involved in it during any part of the time. Though there are thousands of cameras and private detectives present physically in a casino. Still, there are lapses owing to the ingenuity of the criminals.

The increase in the number of Casinos does have a lot of advantages, as they have the ability to generate a lot of employment. And the amount of money involved is very huge and the states make more money though casinos through taxing them directly and indirectly and the indirect employment opportunities associated with it are huge. It saves the states as well as the citizens from an extra tax burden. By having casinos, illegal gambling can be reduced to a greater extent; the bookies mostly target the greed of the common man by giving unprecedented credit. Such horrendous situations are totally eliminated in casinos. And there would be definitely a boost in tourism, as most of them are pathological gamblers. People who visit the casinos would definitely buy a souvenir in remembrance of that particular city. So, a boom in tourism can definitely be anticipated.

Casinos do have a lot of disadvantages; they raise the crime rate of the neighborhood. The real estate prices to rise to an unprecedented extent and the smaller businesses lose their revenue as they could not compete with corporations running the casino. Both the food industry as well as the entertainment industry gets affected.

Irrespective of both the advantages and disadvantages of casinos, casinos are the epitome of human greed and they would exist till the greed exists in a human being. There is always a chance of making a million in a casino overnight, so why question it?

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Erik Allaire is a master poker player who has won many professional poker events, wishes to represent his country at the world level.

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