There are many ways in which to configure the poker client in order to get the most of out your online poker session. So before the first cards are even dealt, make sure your client is optimized for the best possible experience.

You need to understand the working of sa game software for playing the games. The meeting of the needs is possible with a pleasant experience. Ensure that it is suitable for playing the games at home with comfort and convenience. It is a basic need of the players to have a pleasant experience. 

4 Color Deck

Finally available on almost every poker client, a four-color deck can be a real lifesaver. Instead of the suits being displayed in just red and black, this displays diamonds as blue, and clubs in green. While it can feel quite weird when you first start playing, you will quickly see that it can really save you from headaches associated with misread hands.

There are times when you may be playing at multiple tables, or a little tired, and all those red or black cards seem the same. Using a four-color deck ensures that you will never think you have a flush when you don’t, and lets you make quicker decisions at the table.

Show Current Hand/Hand Strength

Some poker clients have a feature where your best current hand is displayed in text next to your cards, for instance “Ace high diamond flush”, or “Three of a kind, Threes.” This can also help you avoid misreading your cards and betting when you shouldn’t.

This feature is also especially useful for beginners, so you don’t have to worry about figuring out exactly what your hand is. Other times when it can be helpful are when you are playing many different tables, or playing a very complicated game such as Omaha Hi/Lo where figuring out your hand strength can be quite confusing. Displaying hand strength is a great way to quickly make the right decisions and maximize your play.

Wait for Big Blind/Auto-Post Blind

If you select auto-post blinds” then when it is your turn to be either the small or the big blind, your blind bet is automatically made for you, speeding up the game. Also ensure that you have “wait for big-blind” selected, as this will prevent you from playing out of turn when joining or returning to a ring game table, and losing money out of position.

Auto-Rebuy Option

When at a ring game, you have the option to auto-rebuy, which will always refill your stack to a level which you specify. For instance, if you start with a stack of 100 big blinds, anytime that your stack falls below that level it will automaticaly buy more chips to bring your stack back to 100bb. That way, you can always play at your preferred stack strategy, and never have to worry about changing things up if you fall too low.

Additionally, players who do not auto-rebuy tend to be weaker or beginner players who have no knowledge of playing with stack strategy. If this is you, there is no point in signaling to your opponents that you are new, and you should always auto-rebuy. Likewise, when you see players who do not, you have a better chance of exploiting them with your stack strategy.

Automatically Muck Hands/Auto-Muck

This will automatically muck both losing and winning hands, unless you are required to show your cards during showdown. For the most part, it is not a good idea to reveal your hands if you don’t have to, as you want to keep as much information as possible from your opponents. If you want to show your cards, some clients give you the option to manually override the auto-muck at the end of the hand, or even reveal just one of your cards. This option also makes the game run faster, giving the opportunity to play more hands.

Preferred Seat

Almost every poker client let you chose a preferred seat at the poker table. You do not have to wait for that seat to open up; the game just simply pivots the table so that you are in the same seat every time. This allows you to better keep track of your position at the table, and is especially useful when playing at multiple tables.

Labels and Notes

Every poker client has some sort of system for taking notes and labeling other players. Once you get to know how it works, you can use these features to take notes about your opponents, label different kinds of opponents by color, and eventually choose tables where you can benefit from the right mix of players.

Save Hnd History

Most poker clients automatically save your hand history as a default setting. However, some clients require you to turn this setting on.

Many players use software which tracks and records their played hands, and having this setting enabled allows your poker traking software to easily find and record your hand history. Be sure that you also let your software know where your client’s hand history is stored on your computer, so it can compile the information correctly.

Table Configuration and Layout

When it comes time to start playing more than one table at a time, there are different ways in which you can optimize multi-tabling. It is far better to have everything set up ahead of time than waste time moving and resizing tables and changing seats every time you open a new table.

There are a few top-notch poker clients which remember your multi-table setup and will load it whenever you open new tables. However, most clients do not do this, but have an option on the top right-hand side of each table which allows you to either “tile tables” or “cascade tables.”

It is always best to get everything set up before the first hand is dealt, as the last thing you want is deal with visual problems instead of poker hands. Take some time to get familiar with your poker client’s table settings before you start to play and it will save you a lot of hassle and money.

Additional Options

These are some othe best ways to configure your client, and most of these options are available in all the most-popular poker clients. However, every poker client is different and has its own options and quirks. There are some clients that even let you automatically fold certain hands, sit out at certain times, or even make different sounds for different situations. Take a little time to explore all the options available to you; and if your online poker room has an option to let you play for play money, that is the perfect opportunity to play around with all the different table features of your client in order to get things set up the way you want them before you hit the tables and start to play for real cash.

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Erik Allaire is a master poker player who has won many professional poker events, wishes to represent his country at the world level.

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