Earlier this year, one of the popular online poker rooms, Hollywood Poker, simply closed its virtual doors without any explanation. The customers that were playing here got their accounts and funds moved to RedKings and nothing was heard of the 8 year old poker room until now. It seems that PLAOR bought it and now has plans to turn it into a social app available on Facebook with the help of some big changes.

While the name remains the same, the new Hollywood Poker looks nothing like the old one and it is clearly designed for the young generation. To keep with the name, regular users will be able to play online poker with celebrities and will act as a way for the site to raise funds for certain charities chosen by the celebrities. As expected, the site will be free-to-play and people can already join the Beta stage and check it out; some of the features are not yet implemented but it is possible to play some hands with your friends.

At the situs poker online site, you can play with the friends and relatives. The software of the site is compatible with the mobile phone and personal computer of the gamblers. The implementation of the right trick at the right table will offer the desired results. 

Mark Caldwell, the CEO of PLAOR, declared that after buying the old Hollywood Poker and refunding the users, the goal is now to make it a social entertainment site where people can interact with celebrities and also raise funds for charities with the help of poker games and tournaments. The app is still fairly new and it only has 8,000 players but it is expected for this number to quickly rise and more celebrities to join. There are more than 160 celebrities already part of the team with Kevin Pollak being the main Ambassador for the new Hollywood Poker. Users that join from the start are promised access to the VIP Club which can mean discounts and special items.

By adding online poker to Facebook, more people will enjoy the game and it is a great way to attract new users. Facebook games in general are known for being very addictive and are usually based on relations with friends or offer the possibility to meet new people on the site. This makes Hollywood Poker a very good app to have available. Of course, hardcore gamblers can quickly find an online poker room or casino outside of the popular social network.

There are some superb casino options that have recently launched and have attractive promotions in order to get customers interested. This can mean that the welcome bonuses are a lot bigger than the ones found on older online casinos and so the players get more free money when they make a deposit. A new casino normally means the latest software and security features so it has become very important nowadays to keep up with the new names on the market that demand our attention.

The new Hollywood Poker app can be fun for casual players but it doesn’t have all the features that can be found in an online poker room. One of the popular trends amongst large poker sites is to offer fast-folding versions of the game. The idea started with Full Tilt Poker a while back when it introduced Rush Poker and was then adapted by all the big online poker rooms. Online turbo poker sites have special tables available for players that don’t want to wait; when a user folds his hand, he is automatically moved to a new table and given a new hand to play. It is a faster way of playing poker by eliminating the time spent watching other players take part in a hand. There is usually an option to fold and still stick around to the see the outcome of the hand for players that are curious about the results.

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Erik Allaire is a master poker player who has won many professional poker events, wishes to represent his country at the world level.

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