If you are a casino player, there are times and moments when you just want to win all those money and scoop them all the way; and that is by cheating. It might be just for fun or not.

However in an establishment such as Casinos, where visible security guards are in motion, and more than a hundred of security cameras are on standby, for a dealer or a player, cheating can be really hard to do. However, people are smart and clever. They do everything in order to win without the effort of doing difficult tasks. 

Cheating in casinos has never been exclusive to players, dealers can cheat too, and casino establishment owners encourage this, because why not? The money won by the dealer through cheating goes to the establishment.

Some casinos even hire dealers to train them into a machine that can effectively cheat without anyone noticing. Like they say, it’s just a sleight of hand. The moment you blink, it’s gone.

The most common way a dealer can cheat is by swapping the original deck by a preset deck. This is very common and can be caught easily, however, with the untrained eye, this is very effective and could benefit casinos.

However, even though the dealer’s main goal is to defeat the players, his primary job is to protect the integrity of the game, such as with the case of dominoqq. Technically, this requires more than just dealing and pushing cards around.

It is uncommon and would rarely happen that a casino would try to cheat players off, because why would they? They already have the advantage and possible profit as soon as the player changes his money into chips. If you own a billion dollar casino and are earning millions and billions in a day, why would you throw off that diamond for a mere stone? 

What a player should do in order to avoid being cheated on is to be always vigilant. You never know when or how the cheating works. If you find any anomaly and you feel something is off, get out and find another table or just simply stop.

About The Author

Erik Allaire is a master poker player who has won many professional poker events, wishes to represent his country at the world level.

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