March 7-19 is Gambling awareness week. It seems appropriate therefore to share with you some tips on how to leave your gambling destination a winner. You will find a bunch of tips

In this article and if you are still hungry to learn more about it then you can check out and improve your game significantly.

You may be planning a visit to Monte Carlo, Macau, London, Paris or any other Casino around the world (I’ve had the pleasure of visiting many of them), or perhaps any one of our U.S. locations including New Orleans, Atlantic City or dear old Las Vegas; the rules I am about to share with you apply equally if, like me, you are a dedicated slot player.

Can you beat the slots? Absolutely not! Can you play slots and walk away from a winner – absolutely!

This may seem a stupid statement to anyone who seriously plays the dreaded machines, but they are just that – machines! electronic masterpieces that are geared to pay out a preset percentage irrespective of which buttons you press or combinations you ‘hold’. I so enjoy watching serious players who rub the glass before they pull the handle, tap the glass whilst the reels are spinning and do all sorts of ritualistic things as if they could magically affect the outcome. There are players who play the 5 cent machines will only put a dollar in the machine. If they win they remove the paid ticket and insert another dollar! I am assuming here that you know what I am talking about. Machines in most of the newer casinos today have what is known as coinless machines – you can only insert paper money and the machine pays you by way of a printed ticket that you redeem at the cash cage or via a dispensing machine. It sounds complicated but believes me it is very simple and convenient. When the coinless system was first introduced I was devastated. Today I won’t play any other way. No messy coins, the ease to move from one machine to another and no waiting in line for a cash payout or attendant.

Now let me tell you what I have found – this may not be the experience of others but I can only speak for myself! If you are serious about winning money there is only one type of machine I will play! Video Poker!

Secondly, no matter what machine you play – never- yes never; play less than the maximum coin-in! This means that if the maximum coins you can deposit (or play) is 5 or 25 – never play fewer coins! If you cannot afford the maximum coin-in on the machine you are playing – move to a smaller denomination machine. If you can’t afford 5x 25cents ($1.25 each pull of the handle or press of the button) then move to a 5 cent machine where you will be betting 25 cents a game!

The final and most important tip I can give you is once you have doubled your stake – leave the machine! For example, if you start with a $5.00 investment on a 5 cent machine you will have a credit of 100 coins or 20 ‘bets’ or if you prefer in the case of video poker ’20 hands’.

Should you hit 4 of a kind (very possible) during your 20 hands, you will win 250 coins (average) depending on what game you are playing (there are several payout variations). This is $12.50! Tell me please what bank will pay you over 100% return on your deposit! This only works if “you take the money and run!” Most players will continue playing until they have lost their investment, and often much more! My advice – take your winnings and try another machine or better still leave the casino!

About The Author

Erik Allaire is a master poker player who has won many professional poker events, wishes to represent his country at the world level.

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