One good reason is you should be constantly learning how your opponents play so you can make plays against them. In the beginning, you should play more reserved and for that, you do need a little help from onlinecasinoreviewz. Keep your eyes on your opponents and stay away from hands with too many players. Don’t get a bunch of chips tied up with small hands like a single pair just because it’s aces.

Another reason to adjust your play is chip stack size. When you get close to 10 big blinds you need to start playing very aggressively. You need to pick out nice shots and make all-in plays. Another obvious reason to adjust your poker game is the number of players at your table. The more players the tighter you should play in most cases.

In tournament play, your first goal is to make it to the money. You want to play conservatively without looking weak. Don’t let your opponents think they can walk all over you. When you get to the bubble you have to play very wisely. Don’t double the small stacks and don’t squander your own chip stack playing against the wrong players or with weak cards.

There are many reasons for making adjustments or switching gears as they like to say. Good players know how, when, and why to change their game and keep their opponents on their toes. Sometimes it’s good to let your opponents think you are extremely tight by only letting them see you with good cards. By playing real tight at the beginning of the game you can use that tight image to make way bigger moves later on in the poker game.

One good move to do is limp in with one of those mid-range hands that need help. Make a 1 big blind continuation bet on the flop if you don’t hit. If you get raised, fold. Do this a few times letting the players to your left think you are easy. Once you score a nice hand, limp in again. You have trained your opponents to raise you. Depending on the flop texture you will either call or re-raise. You can usually make a re-raise big enough to take it down unless the flop looks too dangerous.

Switching up your play like that helps you take down some real sweet pots and they are so worth waiting for. It’s often better to make a few deadly plays mixed with some mediocre plays. It can take some time before your opponents catch on that you are a dangerous player.

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Erik Allaire is a master poker player who has won many professional poker events, wishes to represent his country at the world level.

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