Mermaids Millions Online Pokies is one of the most rewarding pokies games available today! With multiple features, bonuses and benefits, you can enjoy both random prizes, as well as control the game and play it the way you always wanted!

Online Sports betting offer a lot of benefits to the gamblers. There are some random prizes available to the bettors. Understanding of the regulation and rules is essential to place the stakes at the betting table. Complete control over the sports games is provided to the bettors to have effective winnings.

Even if you don’t know how to play online pokies, have no doubt this game is so easy to master, and you will be able to win it in no time at all! Give it a shot, and start collecting prizes today! Good luck!

Enjoy the Treasure Bonus & Play a Unique Pokies Games

Three, four, or five Treasure Bonus symbols which land on adjacent reels trigger this unique bonus which will make your game more thrilling and special than any other. You will recognize this symbol easily, since it looks like a wooden box with golden lines on it.

Whenever three such symbols land on adjacent reels, you are qualified to enjoy 36 – 1500 credits right away. If four such symbols are on your reels, be prepared to win 48 to 2000 credits in no time. Lastly, if you had five Treasure Bonus symbols on all five reels, be sure you will be able to enjoy 60 – 2500 credits on the spot!

10 Free Spins Can Be Yours Today! This Is how to Win Them!

Playing Mermaids Millions Online Pokies for free while winning real money credits is now easier than ever before, and you can quickly learn how to enjoy this great benefit! Three, four or five Scatter symbols (the blond beautiful mermaid) need to land on adjacent reels, and all the rest will already happen on its own!

Once enough such symbols land, the free spins mode will be triggered, and you will be able to enjoy 10 free spins, so you deposit absolutely nothing, but all credits won are yours, and are real money credits! And if you had a doubt, yes, the free spins can be re-triggered!

Scatter Grants with Credits, and a Lot of Them

Two, or more, Scatter symbols is all that you need in order to win many credits immediately. If three or more Scatters land, the credits will be granted to you before the free spins start, and do not harm your chances to win real money credits later on.

When having two Scatter symbols on adjacent reels, you can win 2 credits right away. For three adjacent Scatters, you will be benefited with 4 credits, and in case four Scatters landed on four adjacent reels, you will be granted with no less than 50 credits on the spot. Lastly, the fortunate players who win five Scatters on five reels will also win 400 credits in one spin!

Wild Will Replace Missing Symbols & Produce Higher Payouts

The old merman is the Wild symbol, and it can replace any single symbol on your reels, excluding the Scatter and the Treasure Bonus symbols. This way, the Wild can take an active part in creating and upgrading winning combinations for you, a process which will result in higher payouts right away.

Two of a kind, which is a combination that usually produces no payouts can be upgraded with the Wild to three of a kind, and produce nice payouts. Similarly, three of a kind will be upgraded to four, and four of a kind will be upgraded to five of a kind.

Wild Grants with Credits as Well. Enjoy This Bonus Now!

Two, three, four and five Wilds which land on adjacent reels will produce high payouts just like the Scatter! These are payouts the you can expect to win: 5 credits for two adjacent Wilds, 200 credits if you win three Wilds on adjacent reels, 2000 credits for four adjacent reels, and no less than 7500 credits if five Wild symbols landed on five adjacent reels!

Expert’s Best Feature Will Change Your Game! Play the Auto Mode

Did you notice the small Expert button at the bottom of the screen? If you click it you will see a few new experts’ buttons: 5X, 10X and Auto Play. If you click 5X or 10X, 5 or 10 spins will be triggered automatically (meaning, one after the other), and all that will be left for you to do is watch the game as it is played on auto mode.

If you want to have a bit more control over this feature, you better click the Auto Play button. Once you do, you will be able to adjust the settings as you prefer most, type the exact number of spins you wish triggering, as well as the method you prefer using in order to stop the reels from spinning.

The reels can be stopped either when all spins are complete, or once you win a minimal number of credits, which you chose in advance.

Always Wanted to Control Your Wagers? Now It’s Easier Than Ever

If there is one thing that should never stop you from playing the mobile pokies or online pokies game you always dreamed of, is the bet rate. When playing Mermaids Millions Online Pokies in the best Microgaming casinos, you will always have the chance to control your wagers, at any given moment, and to your full satisfaction. These two features will be at your service throughout the game:

Coin Size

Click the + and – buttons in order to increase and decrease your bet rate, starting from 0.01 credits and up to 5 credits per coin.

Select Coins

After selecting the size of the coin you will be using as you gamble, it is time to decide how many such coins will be used in your next bets. You can pick 1 to 5 coins by clicking the Select Coins button on your screen.

Some players prefer to deposit very few credits in each spin. This is most beneficial for the gamblers who feel a bit short in cash, and wish to play for long. The less credits you use per spin, the more spins you will, eventually, be able to play with the same number of credits.

Other gamblers have more than enough credits to use, and they feel confident in their ability to win more. Since there is a direct relation between the number of credits a player bets, and the payout rate, in case the gambler wins, it can be very rewarding, for some players, to deposit as much as they can.

No matter where you are on this scale of gamblers, the two mentioned features will help you make the most out of your deposits, at any given point in the game. Ready to gamble better than ever?

Select Lines, Select Wins. This Feature Can Make the Most Out of You!

If you have always been looking for additional ways to have a personal impact on the game, the Select Lines is a feature you will enjoy a lot of! You can click the Select Lines button, the numbered buttons on the sides of the screen, or use both of these options alternately. Eventually, doing so will mark as many lines as you wish (1 to 15).

You will mark lines on which you believe the next winning combinations may land, and if you are correct, you can win big! Although the more lines you mark, the higher your bet rate gets, you can enjoy great rewards at the end of the next spin!

Bet Max. Your Impatience May Pay Off

So you already know there is a very tight relation between the wagers you place and the credits you may win. Now the most burning question is, how eager are you to win the most, the fastest? If you can’t wait for your next victory, the Bet Max feature could be perfect for you!

Clicking Bet Max will trigger all relevant features to make your next deposit as high as possible. The coin size will be increased to the max, as well as the number of coins. All lines will be marked either, and then the next spin will be triggered. At this point, all that will be left for you is to watch, and wait for the results.

After the spin is over, you can either leave the settings as they are, or to decrease the bet rate before spinning the reels again.

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