If you are at all concerned about where to play online poker then I would certainly read on and where to place your hard earned cash then you may be interested to know that 888 poker open their doors 24/7 and have vastly grown into one of the largest poker rooms on the internet these days. I think there are very good reasons for choosing sites like these because of the fact that an awful lot of serious and professional players stay clear of sites that are not at the top of the ladder in terms of player numbers.

When you have a small budget, you can pick เล่นสล็อตขั้นต่ำ rooms for the playing of the games. Understanding the terms and conditions is essential to start playing favorite games at the platform. There is removing of confusion and other problems for the people. You should have complete details about it to have the benefits. 

This is fine by me as I have been a 888 regular visitor for a while. These days you need to be aware of what is lurking out there waiting to be pitted against you. The serious players these days will all be using tracking software like PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager and this is something that many novices will find it very hard to handle. In no other field are you being watched on a regular basis like you are once you reach a certain level in online poker. So you really have two choices then as an online poker player.

Should Your Switch Poker Sites

These are to either be like them or to constantly switch poker sites. I have always been one to constantly switch sites to evade these types of players. The problem with staying on the same site for too long is that other players datamine you to death. So unless you are playing low stakes poker or you are constantly adjusting your play then you have something of a problem. However I will only choose certain poker sites to migrate to and I will not jump into any old site.

For me then a site needs to have several things going for it. I tend not to worry about software purely for the simple reason that I am an out and out poker player. Although 888 poker has very good software and back up services (unlike many poker sites) then this is still not what I look for. I am looking for several things but the first is the richness of fish on the site. At the end of the day then you make money by your opponents making mistakes in enough quantity. The second key factor for me is player volume and 888 has around 40,000 players at peak times and so this creates a nice balance of size and weak player pools.

Weak Players Are Key For Profits

Other smaller sites have fish but the game selection is so poor that it almost isn’t worth your while to hunt them down and sign up. I like the fact that the site lobby screen is easily readable at 888 as I hunt and scrutinise the site lobby an awful lot for vital data. However as a ten year industry pro then I am aware of how professionals combine to multi-table vast numbers of tables and effectively kill the games. This doesn’t happen at 888 poker or at least it hasn’t happened yet.

So please be advised by me when I say that you shouldn’t really be choosing any old poker site for your business. Pick one with a solid reputation and one that can offer you the key areas of successful online poker play. These are the security of your money, plenty of soft players and all round decent player numbers.

Without the site protecting your money and weak players to give it to you along with decent action levels then you can forget trying to make money playing online poker. Many people within online poker become so good technically and are constantly working on their games theoretically that they often forget the absolute basics of playing online.

About The Author

Erik Allaire is a master poker player who has won many professional poker events, wishes to represent his country at the world level.

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