No guide on enjoying the best that the web has to offer would be complete without first looking at the differences between playing your favourite pokie titles online as opposed to enjoying them in pubs and clubs around Australia. After all, while the industry has matured significantly over the last two decades, many players are still in a position whereby their first experience of playing pokies online is as a transition from enjoying them offline.

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The main difference is, simply enough, how the player enjoys the game and the mechanics that go along with it. Rather than needing a stack of dollars nearby to feed the machine, online play is carried out by depositing a certain amount of money in advance, using a credit card, web wallet or other means of payment. Players then maintain a credit balance which they may use at their leisure before depositing winnings back onto their method of choice. Online titles also generally offer free versions of their games, allowing players to get used to gameplay and features without risking their real cash. Naturally, offline establishments rarely offer such a luxury due to the overheads associated with placing a pokie and powering it while not drawing an income.

While it is impossible to characterise every single online pokie in a paragraph, many follow a similar theme that players will quickly get used to. First up is the layout of the reels. The majority cover five reels, although many manufacturers have taken the opportunity to try different setups in order to offer different betting or prize patterns. Players will also find classic pub pokies that still use three reels. Dotted around the screen are various interactive buttons that allow players to make different decisions, such as the number of win lines in play and their coin bets on each. Some online pokies offer progressive jackpots, in which case this amount is usually displayed at the top of the screen, while others have additional features such as the gamble game where yet more buttons are placed on the screen, only becoming active when the relevant feature is in play.

When the player is familiar with the layout and has made their choices regarding wagering and win lines, they simply press the start button or themed equivalent to spin the reels. Most online pokies include an autoplay feature, where the player can either specify a number of spins or let the machine play itself indefinitely. More advanced games offer additional options, such as stopping autoplay when a certain prize amount is won or when the feature game is activated.

In the vast majority of cases, any games that players will be familiar with from an offline environment, such as those from Aristocrat Gaming or IGT, will be exactly the same online. Both companies have endeavoured to translate everything from features to symbols into a desktop interface, meaning those already familiar with a title can jump straight in and get started exactly as if they were playing in their local pub or casino.

Online pokies have certainly added a whole new dimension to the industry, and many players find the added convenience and choice, combined with never having to queue or even leave the house to be the ideal scenario for improving their slots play. Every one of our recommended online casinos offers players dozens and in some cases hundreds of online pokies, with all manner of themes, features and betting styles. With many games available to play for free, the best choice for our readers is to simply jump in and start enjoying the games on offer!

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Erik Allaire is a master poker player who has won many professional poker events, wishes to represent his country at the world level.

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