I’ve been holding off on getting my firemaking skill up because, let’s be honest, you are basically burning money. Maybe melting gold in RuneScape terms, but you get the idea. You either buy or cut the logs and then you burn them. Simple logic shows that burning, throwing away, something that could get you money is like losing the money. Well, that’s not necessarily true with firemaking after all. This is why it is really important that you learn all about this game and what you can do to improve your game sense from Pkv Games that offers you a wide range of useful tips that you can follow. 

First, you need to get logs. I’m all about the least money for a big return so I burn willows. They cost 15 gold in the grand exchange (and other logs like trees or oaks are at least double). You could chop oaks and sell the logs to buy willows at an almost 2:1 ratio, sometimes even better. And the kicker is you get more firemaking exp for willows than the cheaper logs. You can also cut your own willows. They are pretty quick and give a great f2p experience. The other option is picking up the willows others drop. You’d be surprised how many people bot in Traynor village. Well maybe not surprised at the number of bots but surprised at the number of bots that power chop. That means there are piles of willows laying on the ground, right next to a bank for you to pick up — why not do it.

So now you have your willows. Grab that tinderbox, a load of logs, and let’s start making money. Burn the logs in your inventory at the bank of your choice. Stick away from the GE because lots of others do it there. Now you have a nice pretty line of burning logs. no money yet. Go grab another load of logs and burn them right next to your first line. Ok, now you have two lines of burning logs. Well, not exactly. The first line has likely burned down to ashes by the time you finished the second line. You have a nice pretty line of 27 ashes and conveniently 27 empty slots in your inventory. Pick up the ashes, bank them, grab another set of logs, and burn them. As you’ve guessed, the second line you burnt is now ashes. Pick them up and repeat.

When you finish burning one line the previous will be finished and ready for you to harvest the ashes. You can do this over and over. Burn the logs, pick up the ashes, grab more logs, etc. etc. Now you’ve turned that pile of logs into a pile of ashes. Head over to the grand exchange and sell them. Members love ashes because they can use them to train herblore. They love ashes so much the asking price is 63gold each. You bought those willows for 15 gold each and sold the ashes for 63 gold each. I’ll do the math for you. That’s 4x your investment.

Say you bought 1k willows for 15k gold. You just made 63k gold (nearly 50k profit from your initial 15k investment) AND you got all of that fire-making experience. With numbers like this, you could even miss a few piles of ashes and still come out ahead. So what are you waiting for, go burn some logs and make your money?

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