Poker is sometimes compared to a game of chess. The Advanced Poker Bot v2.0 treats poker just this way- as a combination of strategies and learning and knowledge bundled into a fully-featured, very robust software package. It is specifically designed to play Texas Hold’em. Nothing else. It has even won several awards and is certified-free from spyware. Moreover, with the implementation of this tec sbobet indonesia casino is getting a better response from its users as well. 

At the core of the Advanced Poker Bot is an artificial intelligence engine that is doing many things at once. It is collating data about the actions and movements of the other players, it is constructing game states, and it is comparing them against a built-in library of known poker tactics (some taken from professional players).

While all of this is occurring, the engine is also performing what is known as ‘discovery’. Though there are many meanings around this term, it basically refers to the process that the bot is performing in order to learn to be a better player.

Results that the bot deems are negative and categorized and used just as the positive plays are. The combination of these databases creates a very powerful program that will eventually amass a small library of tricks that it can employ and avoid.

Take this powerful software and now make it completely customizable. Advanced Poker Bot allows for script-style customization of the program to allow it to play the way you are comfortable with.

There are a host of included features. There is Auto-Sit Out which will remove your account from the table should you win or lose too much. There is the capability to play different table limits (no limit, pot limit, or fixed limit).

The software is also advertised to be able to play on an infinite number of tables, although this doe requires that you start a new instance of the poker bot for each table. The FAQ on the site is quick to point out that this is not suggested for more than 4 tables at once.

The site also advertises on the front page that the poker bot is 100% undetectable. Again, the FAQ is quick to point out that no poker bot is truly guaranteed to be undetectable. Still, the list of anti-detection features is impressive.

To begin with, the reaction times of the program are randomized to throw off anyone attempting to time the mouse clicks. This is pretty standard fare these days and very simple to do.

The software also takes precautions against poker clients that might be attempting to snoop around within your computer. To foil the programs that attempt to take screenshots of your play screen to see if you have an open bot window, the program will run completely hidden from view.

To appear invisible to programs that record what processes are running are running on your computer, the bot hides in the task manager as an innocuous system process. As a final step, the windows themselves can have custom titles placed in them (such as ‘Windows Media Player’ instead of ‘Advanced Poker Bot’). This will prevent screen-shot programs and snoops from telling exactly what is minimized in your taskbar.

In addition to all the above features, the poker bot is useable in over 48 poker rooms at the moment. There are some problems with the software, however. A few of the largest poker sites are currently not supported. Full Tilt Poker and Poker Stars. There is a notice that they are coming soon, but at the moment you cannot use this bot to play on them.

About The Author

Erik Allaire is a master poker player who has won many professional poker events, wishes to represent his country at the world level.

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