Online Poker is a favorite pasttime of thousands, these people don’t even know whether it’s legal or not. There have been problems with online poker rooms, banking problems, mergers and even external establishments that have developed different software to help players play better. However that does not stop people from coming and playing online poker. The craze for the 메이저놀이터 for poker is intact as ever. 

More people would have playing too if they knew how to go about the protocol of depositing and withdrawing money for poker games. Most countries that promote online poker have very vague rules regarding cyber law and this is affecting the potentiality of online poker, even though it is a popular form of earning income. For example, online gambling is not illegal in the US, but 8 out of 50 states have already declared online poker illegal. There was a case where the senator of one of the states where gambling is illegal, a quarter of his campaign was funded by Harrah’s Entertainment, the largest offline gambling company. The senator was never elected again and the law against gambling still stands.

There has been bedlam in US since then regarding the power given to online poker games. Party Poker, the largest online poker room was put out of business in order to avoid potential legal problems. Party Poker was not the only one to go down, many other such online poker sites also followed right after. The rest of the known poker rooms decided to stay on and take over this new open market. After Party Poker left business, Poker Stars took over the number one position. Another scandal broke up later, this time it involved Absolute Poker, one of the top poker rooms who had decided to continue catering to the American poker lovers.

The scandal broke because it was discovered that the software developers had created ‘back-doors’ for themselves, so that they could see the cards of the other players. Over two years these developers make millions just by duping innocent players. There was a huge concern regarding the fairness of online poker since the basic idea of online poker was to enjoy the feeling of the regular poker game, with the same sense of safety and honesty.

Then was the issue of private software developers creating programs which helped online poker players win. The concept is very similar to cheat codes in video games. Most of them programs that analyzed by collecting all sorts of data on the opponent and converting it into statistics. These programs gave excellent information, which is why they were banned by most online poker sites. This was followed by poker bolts, which was also banned by online poker sites. Not only were bots capable of gambling on your behalf at a stretch of 12 hours, they also drove other players away from such sites. It was bad for online poker business. Along with bots, eat and run scams were no less to neglect. The players were duped by these bot dealers and fraud sites after depositing heavy amounts for easy bets. Poker being an easy table, often fell victim to such scams. 

In the future, there will probably more rigid anti-gambling rooms, resulting in the future consolidation of the industry as a whole. There might be couple of powerful rooms still left around whom will pretty much monopolize the rest of the industry.

About The Author

Erik Allaire is a master poker player who has won many professional poker events, wishes to represent his country at the world level.

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