The people of Brooklyn, New York would be the first to ever find entertainment and amusement in the introduction of the earliest slot machine. In 1891 Stittman and Pitt invented a simple machine split between five drums, to the side was a lever the player would pull down in order for the wheels to spin determining the winnings. Even with flaws this machine took Brooklyn by storm and soon every bar in the city had at least one of these slot machines. Today the machines have made ShaquilleO’Neal esque strides, becoming a staple in gambling establishments all over the world. Many countries have even contributed their traditional games into the form of a slot machine such as the Japanese machine known as “pachisuro”. The wave of slot machine advancements would not stop there. The machines have moved from casino’s to everyone’s fingertips with online gambling sites, with this advancement now billions have access to slot machine games all over the world with hundreds of sites generating millions of revenue weekly.

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In the early 1900’s during prohibition the machines experienced yet another soar in popularity. Wealth and prosperity surrounded the times, as a result the nickel slots became dime, quarter and even half dollar. Owners of bars quickly introduced more machines to make up for the loss of alcohol sales during prohibition. Even through the great depression the success of slot machines was not severely impacted, proving the industries worth and popularity of the machines. Originally with the boom of popularity for slot machines in the 1930’s and 1940’s the machines were set in gambling establishments to entertain wives and girlfriends while the men did the “heavy gambling” at regular table games. Unexpectedly, the slot machines started generating even more revenue than the regular table games. These times could be noted as the golden era for slot machines as their popularity peaked through the 1950’s with the introduction of machines such as “Big Bertha,” Midget Derby,” and“Silver Dollar” – with a plethora of other titles continuously coming about.

Fast forward to today and the blueprint of the original slot machines has been expanded and improved upon in ways that Stittman and Pitt could have never dreamed. In casinos players experience beautiful graphics, machines that can play multiple games, jackpots worth millions with the push of a button, the features go on and on. Now all gambling wants can be had at one machine. Worldwide players can play slot machine games online, some with the hopes of getting rich quick and others just for a cheap thrill. The evolution of slot machines has been well documented and respected still to this day. Walking into any casino a veteran to the games may still find titles such as “Big Bertha” or“Silver Dollar.”

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