It takes a special kind of individual to take up the gauntlet and have a real go at making it as a casino affiliate. Indeed this may also be true for the adult and prescription drugs market. There is no debate about the popularity of these three markets that account for almost 16 million visitors a month in America alone.

Americas: More and more mainstream attention is being awarded to the gaming industry. According to the Internet gambling market is estimated at $6.5 billion.

Asia: Approximately 15.9% of China’s 80 million Internet users play some form of online games. Also, 37.8% of wired Chinese households have purchased online. But the market of betting s is also rising every day. The sudden rise and demand are only because of the premier league schedule that has now been announced. People love to play the betting on sports more. AS this gives theme profits as well as some entertainment watching the sports.

Europe: According to several industry experts, Spain is very underestimated as a base for gamblers. Spain has 13.4 million Internet users and has a long history of gaming. These factors make Spain and many other European countries ideal candidates as a target for your casino marketing.

Online gambling has grown considerably over the last 4-years. Gaming software has become extremely high-tech and realistic so more and more people are feeling lucky.

These days, there is no need to join private gaming clubs or having to fly to gambling Mecca’s. No reason to feel embarrassed when you lose in front of complete strangers. You simply download the state-of-the-art software, deposit your money and away you go! If you win great, is you lose…just don’t tell anyone!

Research shows that on average, around 40% of gamblers are female and 60% male. They were generally between the ages of 30-60 years old and very well educated. Most of them were heads of the household with incomes of around $60,000 per year. Men were more likely to play Blackjack and Poker while women were more tempted to play the slots.

The popularity of online gaming initially had a negative effect on land-based casinos. This has started to turn around in the last 12-months as players get more familiar with the games and get the confidence to go to their nearest land-based casino and play. Knowledge and experience breed confidence and non more so than in the online gaming arena.


Everywhere you go these days you see constant reminders that the online gaming industry is becoming very popular. All the major casinos are fighting to get their slice of the action and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every month on major promotions. Watch any sporting event on the television and you will notice advertising inside the venue and during the commercial breaks.

All this is great news for you as an affiliate. This activity is selling the market that you are involved in and sends a signal out to the World’s population that online gambling is here so come and get your piece of the action. There is a little bit of a gambler in everyone and all this exposure tempts everyone to ask one question…do they feel lucky? So…do you?

About The Author

Erik Allaire is a master poker player who has won many professional poker events, wishes to represent his country at the world level.

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