Iron Man Challenge

Gold, silver and bronze are called precious metals, but try building a bridge out of them. For that, you need iron – an element at the core of our Iron Man Challenge. This game is made for players who want to have fun while forging a solid poker game.

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If you love poker, chances are you don’t need incentive to sit down at the table and play, but that’s not going to stop us from putting more than $100K up for grabs. So, starting April 1st, you can begin qualifying for one of four Freeroll tournaments. Earn at least 50 Full Tilt Poker Points for 20 days in April and you’ll get to play in our $10K Bronze Freeroll. Earn more points or play for more days and you can qualify for our $15K Silver, $20K Gold, or $30K Iron Man Freerolls.

Win your Freeroll and you’ll advance to a four-player Sit & Go where the winner will take home an additional $5K, and earn the chance to play three of our Full Tilt Poker pros heads up.

Beat one pro, and we’ll give you $5,000 on top of your previous winnings. Beat two pros, and we’ll give you $10,000. Beat all three, and we’ll give you $50,000. But, if you are the winner from the Iron Man group, we’ll give you an extra $50,000 for a total of $100,000!

So, with that kind of payday hanging in the balance, why not test your poker mettle and become Full Tilt Poker’s next Iron Man.

Race For Bracelets

Before the Main Event revs up, the World Series of Poker holds dozens of championship tournaments where players from around the world compete for poker’s most sought-after accessory, a WSOP gold bracelet.=20

Now, Full Tilt Poker wants to put you in the driver’s seat for all the great poker action at the WSOP. Starting April 1st, we will run daily, $24 + $2 multi-table tournaments that can earn you $1,500 worth of WSOP buy-in chips redeemable for entry into any WSOP tournament, plus $500 in spending money.

These nightly games will feature No-Limit Hold ’em tournaments, along with Limit Hold ’em, Razz, Omaha 8, and HORSE. Plus, we’ll round out the field with Ladies Only and Six-Handed, No-Limit Hold ’em tournaments.

So, for turbo-charged excitement, try Race For Bracelets at Full Tilt Poker and get on the fast track to the WSOP.

$1 Million WSOP Main Event Seat Giveaway

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If you missed last month’s giveaway of 20 WSOP Main Event seats, don’t worry because there’s plenty more where those came from. So far, we’ve just scratched the surface of our $1 Million WSOP Main Event Giveaway, because we’re holding four more monthly WSOP 20 Seat Freerolls before the WSOP Main Event. The top 20 finishers in each monthly Freeroll will each win a free seat to the Big Dance in Las Vegas. Players can win entry into these monthly Freerolls only three ways:

* Earn 10,000 Full Tilt Poker Points for that month – and you get to keep the points!=20

* Be one of our top 50 WSOP point earners for that month and you could be going to Vegas! Earn WSOP points in qualifying WSOP satellites marked in orange.

* Play in daily Freerolls that can lead to a free seat in the monthly $200K WSOP Seat Freeroll.

You can’t buy into this $1 Million giveaway for cash or points, which is why free really means free at Full Tilt Poker.

$10 Million WSOP Main Event ManiaTM

Why should you play for your WSOP Main Event seat at Full Tilt Poker? We have $10 million reasons why.

If you qualify for the Big Dance at Full Tilt Poker, we’ll pay your entry fee, and if you go on to win a spot at the final table, we’ll reward you with $50K. Finish in the top three, and we’ll give you $100K. Win the whole tournament, and we’ll hand over $10 million in addition to your Main Event top prize.

Since the top prize at this year’s Main Event is predicted to be $10 million, and Full Tilt Poker will give another $10 millio to the winner if they win their WSOP seat through one of our tournaments, why would you play anywhere else?

WSOP Main Event 100 Seat Guarantee

We believe in spreading the wealth around, which is why we’re holding our biggest WSOP tournament ever on July 16th, the WSOP Main Event 100 Seat Guarantee. In the history of the WSOP, no one has had a tournament this huge. At least 100 top finishers in this event will each win a $12K Main Event prize package, including a Main Event seat, $2,000 in spending money, and a rack of Full Tilt Poker gear.

There will be seats-a-plenty in this guarantee tournament, taking place at 6PM ET on Sunday, July 16th. The buy-in is $500 + $35, or you can satellite in starting at just $4 + $.40 or 50 Full Tilt Poker Points.

Weekly $1,000 WSOP Main Event Seat Qualifier

Hawkeye22601 will join more than 50 other Tilters at the WSOP Main Event after winning last Monday’s Weekly $1,000 WSOP Main Event Seat Qualifier. Now, he’s going to be part of the biggest poker tournament of all time, and what makes him noteworthy is that he won his spot by first winning a 600 point satellite!

If you want to join Hawkeye22601, you can play for your own WSOP Main Event seat every Monday at 9PM ET from now through July 10th. Satellites start at just $4 + $.40 or 50 Full Tilt Poker points, or you can buy in directly for $1,000 + $60.

With one out of 12 players walking away from the table with a seat at the Big Dance, the odds of winning your way to the Main Event at Full Tilt Poker have never been better.


Weekly WSOP Main Event Guarantees

$26 can go a long way – and for Doc Henry and Nibbles1000, it’s taking them all the way to the WSOP Main Event. Doc Henry played a $24 + $2 Sit & Go and Nibbles1000 played a $24 + $2 multi-table tournament, which got them both into our Weekly WSOP Main Event Guarantee. Now, they each have a $12K prize package, including a $10K Main Event seat, $2,000 in spending money, and a collection of Full Tilt Poker gear.

From now through July 13th, Full Tilt Poker will host at least two, $200 + $16 WSOP Main Event Guarantee tournaments per week, and you can satellite in starting at just $4 + $.40 or 50 Full Tilt Poker Points.

WSOP $50K HORSE Tournament

Full Tilt Poker wants to put you in the starting gate for the biggest buy-in event the World Series of Poker has ever run. $50,000 gets you in the WSOP’s HORSE tournament, a game that is bound to have one of the richest purses at the WSOP.

If you want to jockey for that kind of money, saddle up for our WSOP $50K HORSE qualifier at 4:30PM ET on Saturday, July 8th. Qualify for the WSOP HORSE tournament in this fast-paced, mixed-game tournament and you will receive a $50K seat, plus an extra $2,000 in spending money. To win this prize package, place $500 + $35 down, or play in one of our satellites that start for as little as $4 + $.40 or 50 Full Tilt Poker points.

King of the WSOP

KrustytheClown and Pailai are both playing poker like there’s a coronation in their future. That’s because they’re tied for the lead to be our first King of the WSOP. So far, they have each won two WSOP Main Event prize packages, putting their names on top of the list of more than 50 Tilters who’ve already won their seats to the Big Dance.

With so many great ways to win a WSOP Main Event seat at Full Tilt Poker, there’s no doubt many of our other Tilters will win more than just one. And, if that happens to you, you’ll keep your largest prize package and the cash value of all your other WSOP prize packages will be deposited into your Full Tilt Poker account.=20

Afterwards, when you enter additional satellites and qualifiers, you’ll be playing for a lot more than just cash, because whoever wins the most Main Event seats at Full Tilt Poker will also be crowned King of the WSOP.

Whoever is crowned King will receive the royal treatment at the Main Event, including first-class airfare to Las Vegas, a free upgraded suite at the Rio, and 24 hour per day access to a limousine. And when the King begins his one-year reign, we will crown the avatar of their choice. So, it’s easy to see why it’s good to be the King at Full Tilt Poker.

$200K Guarantee

Last Sunday, BLson outlasted 1,020 fellow Tilters and 10 Full Tilt Poker pros and won our $200K Guarantee. Not only that, but he also knocked Team Full Tilt member Andy Bloch out of the tournament along the way. Andy came in fourth, and BLson picked up his $200 bounty and more than $46,000 for his first-place finish.

You can now play in our $200K Guarantee tournament every Sunday at 6PM ET. What’s more, this tournament is now double-stacked. Which means every player starts with 3,000 chips, so they get more action for their poker dollar. The buy-in is $200 + $16, or you can satellite in for as little as $4 + $.40.

World Poker Tour World Championship

If the $25K buy-in is the only thing keeping you from playing in the WPT World Championship, Full Tilt Poker wants to get you in the game with our WPT World Championship Qualifier.

On April 18th, you can join poker players from around the world as they converge on the Bellagio in Las Vegas for the WPT World Championship. Last year, more than 400 players drove the prize pool to more than $11 million. The winner took home $3 million and the second-place finisher, an amateur, won $1.7 million.

Sound exciting? Well, the only thing better than watching the WPT World Championship on TV is playing in the WPT World Championship.

At 9PM ET on Tuesday, April 4th, Full Tilt Poker will run its next $200 + $16 WPT World Championship Qualifier Tournament. If you win, you’ll walk away with a $27,000 prize package that includes your entry into the WPT World Championship and $1,500 in spending money. Satellites for this championship event start at just $4 + $.40 or 50 Full Tilt Poker points.

Bust Out Bounty

Chris Ferguson got nailed by the hammer in last Saturday’s Bust Out Bounty. Chris was short-stacked when he was dealt J-K. He pushed all in pre-flop, triggering all the players at his table to fold, except tekiller. He called with 2-7. Through the flop and turn, it looked like Chris would prevail, but tekiller paired his deuce on the river and collected Chris’ $100 bounty. What’s more, tekiller went on to take third place, winning more than $3,400.

If you want to be part of the fun, join us at 9PM ET this Saturday, April 1st. This is a $50 + $5 tourney, and for every red pro you knock out, you will collect $50. And, if you bust out the featured pro, Mike “The Mouth” Matusow, you will get a $100 bounty.

Guarantee Tournaments

If you’re looking for sure-fire excitement, then turn to one of our Guarantee tournaments. In April, we’re upping our guarantees by more than $700K, making at least $3.6 million available to our Tilters. This week alone, the guarantees total more than $800K.=20

Buy-ins start for as little as $24 + $2 with satellites beginning at just $4 + $.40 or 50 Full Tilt Poker points, so there’s a game for every player and every bankroll. To find the tournaments you want to play, check out this week’s schedule.

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