Vegas is a popular theme when it comes to weddings. Whether you’re going to get married in Vegas or simply theme it after the location there are a lot of exciting options. Incorporating a little bit of Las Vegas into your accessories is a subtle way to keep with the theme. Bridal accessories in general are an important part of a wedding ensemble that really stand out in the wedding photos.

Here is a list of the top seven bridal hair accessories to make your outfit say Viva Las Vegas.

A Tiara with the Quote “Viva Las Vegas”.

A wedding tiara can be bold, beautiful, classic, or even Vegas style. If you make the letters small enough it will be subtle and if you use a classic white gold, silver, platinum, or simply silver colored plastics it will look classy as well. Just because it’s a Vegas theme doesn’t mean everything has to be flames and bright lights. Then again if that’s the nature of your theme, the bolder the better.

Dice Barrettes

These clips are an excellent way to gamble a little with your outfit. You can get them in a variety of sizes and colors so there will be a pair to match with any dress. The bride could wear the classic white or silver, while the bridesmaids where the dress color, or the same color throughout to unify the group of ladies.

Queen of Hearts Head Band

On your big day you certainly are the queen and what better suite than hearts to express the love on your big day. Diamonds may also be appropriate because in fact they are a girl’s best friend and you’ll probably be wearing a beautiful one on your finger. This headband is a clever way to incorporate the card playing side of Vegas with your wedding.

Poker Chip Barrettes

Add a poker chip to a bobby pin or barrette and you quickly have a Vegas themed hair piece. You can do this in the traditional colors such as the green, red, blue, and white, or use it to incorporate other colors into your outfit. This would be my choice because it is quick, inexpensive, and with green and blue available it would easily compliment my eyes.

Bingo Ball Headband

A headband with accenting pearls be an elegant touch to a wedding dress, but it doesn’t have to be pearls. It can be just a hint of Las Vegas to have black numbers on the necklace instead. It will still look classify but there will be no mistake on the wedding theme. These can be colored if desired, but I would recommend staying with the traditional white. You may be able to pull off the colored bingo ball headband but you’d have to get even closer to see that they are Vegas themed and not just a bumpy headband.

3 Red 7 Bows

When you’re walking down the isle you’re going to be filled with waves of nervousness and excitement. When you are about to hear your soon to be husband say ‘I do” you will feel like you are about to hit the jackpot. You can look it too with three red seven bows pinned neatly in your hair. Three sevens is the classic jack pot and that’s exactly what you’ll be getting on your big day. That’s a great way to accessorize your outfit and also remind your significant other just how lucky you feel to be with him.

Show Girl Feather Headpiece

It doesn’t have to be quite as big as the ones the ladies (and even some men) wear on stage, but it can surely represent one of the most well known parts of Vegas. The Showgirls are what many people go to see in Vegas for a good time. Their costumes are intricate designs of feathers, glittery gems, and flashy material. Your headpiece can be classier and personal to you. Make it your own color, your own style, but still keep a hint of LV in your hair.

For other excellent party favors and Las Vegas wedding theme ideas you can visit The website unfortunately doesn’t have any hair accessories but the above seven are both simple and can easily be personalized for any bride’s big day.

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