Many people have a love-hate relationship with online slots. They think they are easy to play, but when it comes time to cash out, they find that the odds are stacked against them and their bankroll is often depleted. It’s true that you can win big playing slots, but there are some things you should know before you start. Know more about Slot online gacor  here.

When you first start playing Slot online gacor , you may not be aware of how powerful your money really is. When you walk into a casino or sit down at a slot machine, you will usually see something like this:

  1. Number of Reels – The number of reels in a slot game dictates how many symbols will be displayed on each reel. For example, if a game has three reels, then each reel would display three symbols. A two-reel game would only have two symbols displayed on each reel. 
  2. Payouts – Each symbol on a reel has its own payout value. In order for a player to earn a winning combination, all the symbols must line up. If one symbol shows an image of a car, and another symbol shows a building, the car would win more than the building because it is worth more than the building. 
  3. Stacked Symbols – Also known as wilds, these symbols are special because they can replace any other symbol on the screen. There will be different ways that the wild symbols appear, but they will always be represented by a picture of a wild animal. Wilds can also help complete winning combinations. 
  4. Scatter Symbols – These are typically shown as the top prize in the game. They are represented by a small circle and are found anywhere on the screen, except on the paytable. Usually, players need to match 3 or more scatter symbols to unlock a bonus round. 
  5. Free Spins – This is where the real money begins to roll in! Players can spin the reels for free while watching for the free spins signifying the beginning of the bonus round. During this stage, the amount of free spins awarded depends upon what type of slot you’re playing. 
  6. Progressive Jackpots – These jackpots start out low and increase over time until someone wins. The jackpot increases every time someone hits the progressive jackpot. The jackpot is usually based off of the biggest wager made during the day. 
  7. Bonuses – Some games offer bonuses as part of the gameplay. These bonuses can come in the form of extra free spins, multipliers, or even a second chance at the jackpot. Most bonuses involve matching a specific symbol to receive additional awards. 
  8. Bonus Rounds – The bonus rounds are where the fun really starts. Sometimes they are just a way to award free spins, but sometimes they require a certain level of achievement in order to make it through. 
  9. Bankruptcy – This is where the house takes everything you won and gives you nothing back. Bankruptcy occurs when one of the symbols stops spinning. When this happens, the whole reel loses its value and becomes worthless. The last symbol left standing pays out the remaining credits on the screen. 
  10. Return To Player (RTP) – This is the percentage of the total money wagered by the player that was returned to the player at the end of the session. This means that if you bet $100 and played for 10 hours, you would return about $90 after paying out the house. However, you might get lucky and hit a royal flush or some other large payout that would boost your RTP significantly higher. 
  11. Maximum Betting Limits – This is usually determined by the casino. Casinos want to limit your losses, so they place maximum betting limits on the games. If you exceed those limits, you could lose all of your money. 
  12. Minimum Betting Limits – While casinos often set maximum betting limits, they do allow customers to bet less than that amount. They use minimum betting limits to ensure that no customer can lose too much money. 
  13. House Edge – This is the difference between the average payout and what you actually received. This is calculated by dividing the maximum possible payout by the actual reward given. For example, let’s say you won $1000 at a slot machine and paid $900. Your house edge is 50%. Let’s also assume you won $900 and paid $800. Then your house edge is 33% ($200/$600). That’s a huge difference. 
  14. Free Games – There are times when you will notice that a game offers 100 free spins. This is called a free game. These are usually offered to entice new players to try out the game. Once you win enough free games, the game will ask you to deposit money in order to keep playing. 
  15. Fixed Odds – This means that the house (the casino) guarantees a certain payout for every dollar bet. This is very important because if you are not getting the same outcome as everyone else, then you are likely being cheated. 
  16. Random Number Generator (RNG) – This means that the random numbers used to determine the outcome of the game are generated randomly. This makes it difficult for gamblers to predict which symbols will show up next. 
  17. Gamble Feature – Many games have a gamble feature. This allows players to double their winnings while increasing their risk. The gambler decides whether to accept the payout or gamble again. 
  18. Multiplier – This is when the amount of coins doubles or triples. For example, if a slot machine has a multiplier of 2x, then every time the player pulls the lever, the payoff is multiplied by two. A 3x multiplier would multiply the payoff by three. 
  19. Autoplay – This is a feature that automatically plays the same slot several times without you doing anything. 
  20. Time Controls – This refers to the amount of time that is allowed for the player to play. 
  21. Jackpot Limitations – Often times, a casino will set limitations on the size and frequency of jackpots. 
  22. Game Variety – Different types of slots have different themes, styles, and graphics. This can vary greatly from casino to casino.


When you first open a casino you see various options like payouts, a number of reels, stacked symbols, scatter symbols, free spins,and  progressive jackpots  also there is an option of bankruptcy when one of the symbols stops spinning the house takes all the money you have won and you becomes bankrupt in a way.

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